The Best of Tamil Cinema in 2015

2015 was an interesting year for Tamil Cinema with a variety of topics being explored. Some big films didn’t do well, while some small films made impact. Certain stars did well,while some of them didn’t really do well. Here are the films in my opinion which stood a little apart from the rest of the pack and made an impact this year.The movies aren’t sorted in any order of merit. Sorting is done based on release dates.

Darling PosterDarling

The year started off with this horror comedy starring the actor turned music composer G.V.Prakash. Well, for the past 2-3 years or so, making a horror movie was considered as a safe bet by producers. All thanks to some trend that was started by “Pizza”, to be honest. This movie didn’t disappoint either. Served enough chills to our spines and tickled our ribs as well. In spite of being a remake, the movie just managed to click among the audience.

yennai-arindhaal-first-lookYennai Arindhaal

You’ve got Ajith Kumar under Gautam Vasudev Menon alongside stars like Trisha, Anushka, Vivek, Arun Vijay etc., with a wholesome musical score by Harris Jayaraj and a breezy cinematography. Could you’ve asked for more? Well not exactly. The way in which Ajith took a such an offbeat police movie rather than sticking to his usual commercial self was itself something to appreciate. And thanks to GVM, for discovering a whole new uber-cool & composed antagonist for Tamil cinema in Arun Vijay.

Yennai Arindhaal hit the Bull’s eye almost!

Brilliant film-making? CERTAINLY NOT!
Responsible film-making? OF COURSE YES!


Easily, very easily, THE BEST HEIST MOVIE made in Tamil Cinema EVER!

One of the finest & exquisite con-capers one would hardly get to see in such a stature & screenplay. Carves a niche by itself by creating a cult for itself. Easily the best in heist genre as far as we are concerned. Like a highly engaging and entertaining chess game that does something which no other thriller does…

Playing from both the ends. Neither the hero was a grandmaster nor the villain was a bonker.

Both the protagonist’s & the antagonist’s moves were captured and the plot having given an emotional connect with a commanding flashback, did indeed turn out to be highly special and brilliant.

ok-kanmaniOK Kadhal Kanmani

I still can’t get how a 58 year old Mani Ratnam sir captures the life of current generation’s 25 year old couples with mere perfection.

There is a Reason people call him a Legend, a Genius.

Yes. OK Kanmani was all about the gracefulness & delicacy of the prodigious film-maker inside the man called Mani Ratnam, India’s finest visually elegant auteur. Will go down as the best romance movie of the year, HANDS DOWN.

uthama-villain.chennaiclipsUttama Villain

A movie that was compelling enough to serve you in whatever perspective you watch the movie. Emotional drama? YES.
A successful film star’s valiant attempt to make his last movie memorable? YES.
A failed family man’s attempt to redeem his happiness and reunite his family? YES.
A satirical folklore comedy with crisp & linguistic one liners? YES.
A disciple’s tribute to his mentor? YES.
A lesson that preaches the difference between mortality & immortality? YES.
A tribute to ART, which has no death whatsoever? YES.
One more work by Kamal to satisfy his own hunger towards pure art house cinema? YES.
A commercial masala movie? NO.
A clichéd mainstream flick? NO.
Will it appeal to B & C centers? NO.
Box office success guaranteed? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Uttama Villain will go down as one of those very few films which just didn’t deserve to incur such a fate at the box office.

Purampokku Poster 2Purampokku (E) Podhu Udaimai 

Purampokku undoubtedly emerged as one absolute gem of a movie, which belonged to almost all the classes of people, sections of audience and centers; a movie that deserved to be attested by everyone in our society, that too going by the current cycle of events. Can you point out the number of films that have managed to achieve this feat before? i.e, the titles which are able to give a very brief insight about the movie by itself, at the very sight of it. Very few in recent times, to be honest. Such was the level of equity thrown right on our faces by director S.P.Jananathan someone who is long due to be celebrated as one who belongs to the elite club wrapped up by us. The way in which he managed to explicitly depict his ideologies on society and politics, was astounding.

Demonte Colony Poster 2Demonte Colony

Demonte Colony was undoubtedly a movie of its own kind in which the makers had the balls to showcase a hugely unconventional ending that doesn’t give a damn about the ‘masala horror’ ending. A big knockout punch to the Muni franchise and Aranmanai (which has also turned out to be a franchise now), on how to make a ‘real’ horror movie with all commercial contents at the same time respecting the ppl’s sense. Demonte colony is not about 2 hours of gory horror or cheap thrills or intense ghost story… It is two hours of an adventurous thriller that is built upon a horror plot.

A cult. As simple as that.

Kaaka Muttai Poster 2Kaakka Muttai

This was a universal subject which talks a lot about humanitarian facts like “Your life is someone else’s dream”, the economical imbalance and it’s effects on the next gen aplomb, the way in which globalization has took a humongous psychological as well as physical impact over people of all strata, the ever-hungry appetite of TRP-seeking media to blow up things exponentially and also politicians’ ball game in fetching materialistic benefits from all possible sides!

Looking at the things conveyed in this canvas might very well make you think this is one highly complex movie. And that’s exactly where the director’s writing has escalated this egg to unimaginable heights! Kaakka Muttai was more like a slap on the faces of all those who think the growth of IT sector and similar such hi-fi yo-yo sectors has dramatically changed the look over and the state of being for a developing illuminati-driven democratic country.

A movie after a long time that was entertaining, preaching, eye-opening and at the same time highly thought provoking, that appealed to all classes, all standards of living and all the developing countries even!

Indru Netru Naalai Poster 3Indru Netru Naalai

This was more of a path breaker in every possible means! The finest mixture of all elements thereby making the fitting product for our industry which is sensibly refreshing and cleverly entertaining!
A movie which was never otiose in pace and short of fun!
I know hardly any English film buff would accept what I’m saying.
But for sure, Indian cinema has got its own “Back To The Future” after a string of failures like “Action Replayyy” etc etc. Surpassed some really overrated Hollywood craps in this genre like “Click”
Dir.Ramkumar is probably the next big thing! For having been able to deliver a movie that was breathtakingly written and sensationally conceived on Time travel concept, which managed to grab the Tamil Audiences’ eye balls in a highly intricating way, but still managed to quite flamboyantly convey the intended conclusion!

Tamil Cinema 2015-Best FilmsPapanasam Poster 2Papanasam

Papanasam will go down as Indian Cinema’s one of the finest testimonial to the actuality that, the rendezvous between flamboyant script-writing and an actor who can transcend almost everything, results in nothing less than a CELEBRATION!
Yes. “Papanasam” was a royal and a sumptuous celebration of the actor called Kamal Haasan and the way in which he can jus outscore the thing called ‘impossible’. One more feather to felicitate the acting prowess of Kamal Haasan, which has went up to the extent of being highly engaging and breathtakingly intense whatsoever, irrespective of how many ever times you’ve watched the same script before in any other languages.


Touted to be Indian Cinema’s largest motion picture, what impressed me more than some mere cinematic perspectives is that, the way in which S.S.Rajamouli was able to carry over his thought process and work of fiction so elegantly without an iota of discomfort and discomfiture! This was more like a celebration of the film making style of Rajamouli.

Undoubtedly turned out to be Indian Cinema’s pride. Telugu Cinema’s asset. Rajamouli’s treasure.
A visually orgasmic and ambitious magnum-opus which would leave you reeling behind for the “Bahubali – The Conclusion”. Rajamouli jus made sure that Indian movies are no more inferior to Hollywood ventures when it comes to gargantuan elegance in VFX, grandiose scale in filmmaking and extravanganze in scriptwriting.

Orange Mittai Poster 2Orange Mittai 

It’d been quite a long time since a movie moved me emotionally to such an extent!
This candy weaved magic throughout! The emotions, feelings, miseries and childish mind sets of elderly people has never ever been explored to such a deep extent in such a well versed way with doses of humor too! VJ Sethu – Ramesh Thilak combo was so divine!
It was so refreshing to see such a pure and unadulterated art film after ages! Once in a blue moon occurrence these kinda gems.

Thani Oruvan Poster 2Thani Oruvan

A completely emphatic, techy-savvy and shrewd psychological-action thriller presented in a never-seen-before way as far as TC is concerned. A sheerly spectacular blockbuster material written all over the bloody 150 minutes! Serious watch for EVERYONE irrespective of whatever the class of audience you may belong! A Tamil movie with a worldwide appeal after quite a hiatus! And thanks a ton Jayam Raja. For bringing about two whole new phenomenon into Tamil Cinema. Rediscovering yourself as a rather terrific film maker and a script writer and then, discovering one new antagonist in Aravind Swamy. Probably we just saw one of the best ever villains in Tamil Cinema history. Anyone will need some time to take away the cinematic momentousness he managed to throw upon.

Thani Oruvan is a special movie under the canopy of Tamil Cinema.

Maya PosterMaya

One more off-beat or rather emotionally connecting horror movie that clicked with the audience all thanks to the one-woman show by the ever gorgeous Nayanthara. A terrific spine chilling unmitigated horror movie making no compromises whatsoever. One of it’s kind and the kind of ‘small-scale; big-money’ making movie. Handy, simple, elegant and honest film-making fetched this movie some high regards. A warm welcome to debutant Ashwin Saravanan.

Kuttram Kadithal Poster 4Kuttram Kadithal 

Kuttram Kadithal was undoubtedly a poem on it’s own. “You experience something, think about it, share your experience, think about it again”. This is what happens after watching this cult. Kuttram Kadithal is such an experience. Handling a volatile subject like sex education and education system is a tedious task. But Director Bramma did pull an absolute peach of a movie, that too with every actor being debutants. A film that explores the dark side of human psyche and the darkest side of circumstantial crises. One more feather in the hat of Tamil Cinema, without an iota of question.

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Poster 3Naanum Rowdy Dhaan 

A neo-noir in Tamil cinema that explored romance and revenge with ample doses of rib-tickling humor in a never seen before satirical way! No one would’ve questioned the director if he had gone gung-ho sticking to the genre from scene 1. But instead Vignesh was more specific on building a story with concrete elements. And indeed, the manner in which he conceived every single detail was outrageously creative. Precisely the point where this NRD was distinctly ahead of all others movies from the same genre! Film-making at it’s cheekiest best and scripting at it’s coziest best!

A thorough entertainer in the genre ‘Comedy of errors’ after quite a longgg time!

Thoongavanam Poster 2Thoongaa Vanam

The best part about this movie was the way in which Kamal managed to defy the cliches of a regular thriller in Tamil Cinema.
You’ve got no protagonist who can solve literally anything with his brain, you’ve got no heroine to flaunt her curves, you’ve got no superheroic fight sequences, you’ve got nothing you expect out of a normal thriller.
Thoongavanam combined all the visceral action of a film in the league of “Taken”, with the suspense and urgency of “Die Hard”

A movie that proved to be an out an out raw and dusky entertainment from Kamal’s canopy, which you wouldn’t get to see that often.
If Uttama Villain/Papanasam from the same year turned out to be celebrations of the kind of performer inside of Kamal, he has invited himself to celebrate the kind of raw entertainer inside of him with this.


First of all kudos to director Kalyanakrishnan for coming up with such a nouvelle plot, which not just provides a fresh breath of air to Tamil Cinema, but is also highly thought provoking.
The movie deserved a watch just for the way in which the director cleverly hit on the cunning and brutal antics handled by business giants to make money out of poor people’s ignorance, by imposing an adverse effect globalization & industrialization. The movie did ride on a high thanks to the brilliant dialogue writing skills of S.P.Jananathan, which is one main reason why the movie will stand tall in spite of having its own flaws. The dialogues were just pin-perfect and absolutely nailing. This man never ceases to amuse me. Neither did he fail this time around.


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