Fourteenth Asian Film Festival in Mumbai: Schedule and Opening Film

The Fourteenth edition of Third Eye Asian Film Festival will be held from December 24 to 31, 2015 at Ravindra Natya Mandir (Mini theatre), Prabhadevi.

Maharashtra culture minister Vinod Tawde will be the chief guest at the inaugural function on December 24.  Noted heroine of Hindi cinema Waheeda  Rehman will be given the “Excellence Acting” award for her significant contribution to cinema. The award will be presented by well know film maker Shyam Benegal.

AFF 2015During the festival, Satyajit Ray’s written five part TV series will be screened to celebrate 60 years of his classic ‘Pather Panchali’.

Well known actor Mohan Agashe will be felicitated for his latest Filmfare award for his sterling performance in the film `Astu’ during the festival.

Dilip Bapat, secretary of Baburao Painter Film society, Kolhapur  will also be given the Satyajit Ray Memorial Award during the festival.

Registration for the festival  will begin on December 14 from 2 pm to 7 at Ravindra Natya Mandir.

The complete schedule of the event can be checked here- and download it from here

The opening film of the festival will be Vinod Mankara’s Sanskrit film,Priyamanasam.



Story, Script, dialogs and Direction : Vinod Mankara

Producer:   Mr.Baby Mathew Somatheeram

Cinematography- Sambu Sarma

Editor- Hashim

Music- Ramesh Narayan, Sreevalsan J. Menon


Rajesh Hebbar, Pratheeksha Kashi, Meera Sreenarayan, Kochu Preman, Devan , Rachana Narayankutty, Kalamandalam Eswaran Unni.


PriyamanasamSet in 17th century Kerala, a southern Indian state, Priyamanasam is a Sanskrit film that traces the final years in the life of poet extraordinaire Unnayi Varier as he struggles to complete his Magnum Opus Nalacharitham Aattakatha.

The film captures the trauma and travails of the poet as he struggles with his internal demons and writer’s block. Living in King Marthanda Varma’s palace, the poet further faces the pressures of a fast approaching deadline set by the king himself to complete the epic. The characters that he has created in his aattakatha torment him with questions about their characterization and their fears and insecurities about the roles they play. They are all in fact images of his insecure and troubled mind. The film travels through the rapture and torture writers go through as they create everlasting masterpieces. The film works on the premise that every author knowingly or unknowingly infuses a lot of himself or herself in the stories and characters they create. The film points out that Nalacharitham is as much an autobiography as it is a work of fiction.

This film presents the man and his creation in all its glory. It narrates the story of unrequited love that brought out searing characters that graced the Kathakali stages for centuries. The film juxtaposes events of Unnayi’s final years with that of his youth to present a fascinating world filled with colors, love, dance, music and emotions. Constantly shifting between these two periods in Unnayi’s life, the film presents a fascinating insight into the mind of this troubled genius. The ancient art form of Kathakali has been skillfully used to embellish the narrative. In fact, Kathakali is at the heart and soul of this film considering that Nalacharitham is by far the most popular piece of work in this most revered of art forms.

Sanskrit has been used abundantly since ancient times in Kathakali songs. In recent times, however, it is being projected as a dead language. This film has been made in Sanskrit so as to bring this most ancient of languages back into the public eye.  The decision to use Sanskrit  came at a time when Sanskrit is said to be going through a phase of revival. The language also helped to further embellish the narrative of this historical film.

Priyamanasam stands out as a treatise on the life of an extraordinary man and also showcases the fascinating classical dance- drama art form of kathakali in a beautiful way. Above all, it is a fascinating love story which reveals the creative powers unleashed by this most powerful of emotions…… Love…

Awards and Festivals

Opening Film of Indian Panorama IFFI 2015. 

About Director

Vinod Mankara who hails from Palakkad district in Kerala, a southern Indian state, is a multitalented and versatile personality. A writer, journalist, lyricist, film maker and orator, Vinod has been able to leave an indelible mark in every one of these fields. A prolific film maker, Vinod has more than 600 documentaries and three feature films to his credit.He is a multiple award winning director who has a national award and seven state awards to his credit. He won the prestigious Kerala Kalamandalam award for his documentary, Nalacharitham 5th day, in the year 2008. His debut feature film, Karayilekkoru Kadaldhooram,  fetched him many accolades including the award for Best Debut Director from the Kerala Film Critics Association in 2011. His second film, Ottamandharam (2014), based on real life events was widely appreciated and won him great critical acclaim. Priyamanasam, the third full length Sanskrit feature film to be made in the history of World cinema, is Vinod’s most ambitious project to date. This is a biopic on the life of Unnayi  Varrier , the creator of the magnum opus Nalacharitham Aattakatha!

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