‘The Path of Zarathustra’ to be released by PVR Director’s Rare in September

‘The Path of Zarathustra’ is all set to release under the PVR Director’s Rare banner on 4th September. Directed by Oorvazi Irani and produced by Sorab Irani, the movie touches upon the theme of Parsi community and their ancient faith-Zoroastrianism, founded by the First Prophet, Zarathustra. This English language movie will see a release in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore and Surat.

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‘The Path of Zarathustra’ stars Oorvazi Irani, Tom Alter, Rushad Rana and Shishir Sharma. The screenplay of the movie is written by the celebrated author and writer of Parsi descent, Farrukh Dhondy.  Besides being a director & actor, Oorvazi Irani dons many other hats of being an artist, educationalist and an entrepreneur also. Besides this, she is a pioneer in bringing the Michael Chekhov acting technique to India. She is also an author on MAM.

The Path of Zarathustra’ tells the journey of a young woman born into Zoroastrianism, the religion of her forefathers. Her journey starts with a remote village where she sees her grandfather die, to Mumbai, where she is welcomed by her aunt’s adopted son who confesses that he still loves her. The film also in a unique manner brings back characters from the historical and philosophical past of Zoroastrianism such as Mani, executed by Parsi priests, Mazdak, executed for his radical communisti ideas and Zurvan, a theological avatar of ‘Time’.

Commenting on the film, Mr. Sanjeev Bijli, Joint Managing Director, PVR Group, said, “It is an extremely important film to be seen by all.The Path of Zarathustra reflects on the deeper perspective of Parsi faith, religion and their lost identity. We are proud to be associated with the film”

Talking about the film, director & actor Oorvazi Irani,said, “I am grateful Ito PVR Director’s rare for releasing the film under their banner. It’s an important film for all Parsis and non Parsis to see, and learn about our religion’s history. The film is extremely relevant for today’s times as it strives to create an authentic picture of the Parsi community who are often portrayed as stereotypes and caricatures in popular Indian films and television.”     

‘The Path of Zarathustra’ will be releasing across theaters in India on September 04, 2015.

Check out the new trailer of the film now.

Note- You can refer to Oorvazi’s posts on MAM here. Also the older poster and trailer of the film can be seen here

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