Hindi Film MSG: THE MESSENGER released on DVD

Hailed as the new age spiritual leader, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (MSG), needs no introduction. Apart from his extensive work for the common people, his rockstar persona, his music and now his actor avatar are a big draw for fans worldwide. In this film, he walks into your hearts as a performer who rocks.

The idea of the film draws from his real life work for de-addiction and its virulent opposition by the drug mafia, aided and abetted by their political masters. His first film MSG: THE MESSENGER has surprised everybody owing to its high drama, suspense and brilliant music. It is a film without any preachy airs that impels you to be the change. Guruji has donned many hats to create this movie – one of his many creative expressions on human living & social reform. The film is now available on DVD in 5 languages and will be distributed and marketed by ‘Home Entertainment Services by Sony DADC’, the leading home entertainment content provider in India. The DVD of MSG: THE MESSENGER was recently launched by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (MSG) & Rajat Kakar, Managing Director of ‘Home Entertainment Services By SONY DADC’.

MSG: THE MESSENGER deals with youth-related issues like drug & alcohol abuse and societal issues like gender & economic discrimination. There are vested interests who profit by destroying society through drugs – and disturbed as Guruji‘s popularity grows. They conspire to kill him & therein unfolds an engaging plot.

The film has been shot at various locations in Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. It was shot and completed in 67 days. Guruji has directed the movie (along with Jeetu Arora Insan), written it, acted in it, provided the music & lyrics and sung all the songs.

The film has collected 101 crores net and is still running in some theaters in India over 130 days after its release.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan said, “This is a message for the youth in a format they understand and enjoy. It speaks their language and is full of action, high drama and suspense. It seeks to pull the youth away from drugs through entertainment. This is a family film that everyone can watch together.”

The movie has already set a milestone in Asia Book and India Book of Records for the most number of people who participated in the movie premiere at Leisure Valley Ground, Gurgaon on 16th January 2015.

Rajat Kakar, Managing Director of Sony DADC said, “We are delighted to have associated with Dera Sacha Sauda for ‘MSG-The Messenger’. Guruji’s message was very lucidly communicated to the consumers via the Music and the Film. The music has created a Sales record which speaks volumes for its popularity. Now with the launch of the Home Video, we are once again confident that the Consumers will buy the product to share with the entire family. We have aggressive plans to promote the same in retail stores, online e-commerce and overseas and look to set some records in this category too.



Product Information:


MSG: THE MESSENGER is available on DVD in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam. The DVD is priced at Rs.250 & is available at all leading outlets – retail and online.


  1. #MSGFilmDVDLaunched
    MSG Movie is the most popular in India. And also sbi trah ki burayiyo ke khilaf bani hai. Ek bar to dekhoge to bar bar dekhne ko Dil krega.


  2. Now Humanity will knock at every door in the form of DVD of MSG the messenger with a lot of Happiness.
    Watch & Enjoy
    good movie


  3. अब हर घर में हर गली मोहल्ले में होगा
    “राम – राम – राम ओ मेरे राम “


  4. Its so nice that the dvd is released. ..now everyone can see the life-changing n inspiring movie at their homes..MSG is the need of the hour


  5. we can just see this dvd movie with our family without embarrasment & this movie is fully paisa vasul movie so why should not book this dvd copy


  6. Hatsoff 2 st Gurneet rahim singh G insan 2 made such a wonderful movie MSG the messeger which totally based on humanity. This movie changes many people life 4 good work.


  7. MSG -The Messenger…… Is the greatest bollywood dhmaka… Where we can learn humanitarian services….. #MSGFilmDVDLaunched is superb work… Hat’s off to guru g….


  8. This movie claims separate space in a room from other B-town movies. if you talk about the makers, you will shock that makers of this movie are itself SGRRI(Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim insaan).
    according to him that it is really necessary to teach and educate our youth,because the youth is the precious asset to any country.
    and it is our responsibility to save our youth.

    So this movie clearly explain what is good and what is bad,and suggest the solution of the problem of our society.
    Generally we find some good message in other B-town movies but solution are missing from that.

    YES!!!, MSG talk about the solutions.
    it also explain what DSS is and actually what is the role of DSS in the nation’s growth.

    i am not Digging more into the movie.

    But all in all MSG is for you if you real have a human in you,
    if your really want to save your coming generation.
    if you really want to help our society.

    Good story line.
    Action packed.
    Fresh music.
    Beautiful locations.
    A must watch.


  9. Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan recently launched the DVD of MSG-The Messenger which is available in 5 languages.In this movie Guruji raised the issue of prostitution & drug-addiction in a fully entertaining manner.It is full of high drama .action & suspense which make it more interesting. A family movie without any vulgar scene.!!!


  10. In all eras Saint shared their views about the ultimate power by their own ways used music and wrote favorite to the common people .The same is doing Guru ji . his works seems to be little more than the ansient Spiritual leaders (Saints) Which young guy liked old style bhazans & preaches so he used the modern style music and a blockbuster movie to send his massage to younger generation. I think He should be appreciated


  11. An movie that can watch with full family in one time ,I thing that first movies that given many number of social massage to youth to right motivation.thanks God for that .


  12. MSG The Massenger is a reflection of social welfare works initiated by revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan wid high drama,suspence, action, comedy.can enjoy wid whole family.
    Realy MSG is a true wonder revolutionary movie.
    I like it.hope u all enjoy it.


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