Over the last couple of decades, Vijay has successfully worked with quite some filmmakers giving us glimpses of his potential in films like Priyamudan, Thulladha Manamum Thullum, Ghilli and Thuppaki. As the actor turns 41 today,why not a fantasy ride, reflecting on the kind of awesomeness that could be unleashed on us, if the actor collaborates with some of the best creative minds of our industry!

The magic of Mani Ratnam – Vijay?

The single thought that instantly brings in the goose flesh! Well, who wouldn’t want to be a part of Mani’s celluloid dreams? After all, he is the man who dared to tap the brilliance in our Super Star, giving the industry a film that it could be proud of. Now, imagine Mani’s magic combined with the intensity and screen presence of Vijay?  As implausible as it might sound, the film provided it happens, could turn out to be an ultimate riot and by all means, a perfect pact between art and commerce.  Vijay was speculated to be in the initial cast of Mani’s Magnus opus ‘Ponniyil Selvan’, before it was shelved.  Why not a slick crime thriller this time, something in the lines of ‘Thiruda Thiruda’, one genre Mani hadn’t experimented much!  Or a period drama? Awesomeness would be a euphemism.


The ardour of Selvaraghavan – Vijay?

Selvaraghavan is one filmmaker who has dared to push the boundaries in every genre, he has drabbled in.  Bold, sensitive and eccentric, Selva’ films always bear the stamp of a magnificently weird vision and an unapologetic making style. Vijay could easily bring in a kind of boyish charm and nonchalance, which could open up the spectrum to Selva’s kind of films. Why not a biopic or a bold fantasy/adventure ride? Something that makes us flinch and gape open-mouthed at the same time? The writing of Selva intensely reflects his subliminal psyche and what a joy it would be to see Vijay’s mystical ease to  keep millions of eyes glued, being put to intelligent use for making some quality cinema!

The elegance of Gautham Menon – Vijay?

Well, I don’t really understand why Yohan was shelved, but I can see how this terrific combination could bring a new perspective to the actor’s skills! When the standard Tamil hero had already elevated stalking to an accepted social principle, GVM was the man who began re-sketching the male protagonist as a sensitive and courteous human being. Imagine Vijay as someone who is fallible; someone who falls, introspects and rises; someone who at times loses; someone who is not an extraordinary human being or a superhero; someone who is intense yet subtle. Well, Gautham is one filmmaker who models his heroes on his own traits, and I am sure Vijay would give a fresh dimension to his kind of cinema.


Gautham-Menon-Vijay-300x279The native charm of Vetrimaaran – Vijay?

Vetrimaaran is one filmmaker who works hard on his scripts, and impresses with the magical realism and tension, his writing brings to screen.  While Polladhavan was a well researched and decently mounted action thriller, Aadukalam proved that Vetri could pull his magic on almost every script he touches. Vijay could carry off the raw appeal he gives his protagonists, bringing in his own signature charm into it. Psychological conflicts and primal motivations had always been Vetri’s forte, and it would be interesting to see the kind of angle, he brings to the table for Vijay. I would like to see a gripping drama in the background of an action thriller. Or maybe, why not a multi-dimensional protagonist with shades of black and grey? The options are endless, and the repercussions exceedingly exciting.

The mystic energy of Mysskin – Vijay?

Vijay in a dark intense film with long shots, artistic frames, quirky camera angles, lingering surreal symbolisms, and a haunting background score? The odds of this happening seem like sighting a unicorn one fine day, but is there a limit to dream?  Mysskin’s kind of filmmaking is one of a strange, yet brilliant amalgamation of skill, artistry, confidence, eccentricity and resolve. And what a brilliant dimension it would give to Vijay’s acting repertoire! Is there another film maker of our generation who had endured the unwritten rules of the trade pundits, and unwaveringly persisted with his kind of ‘pure’ cinema? And right now, Vijay is a stage in his career where he can dare to experiment a bit, even within the confines of mainstream cinema.

Well, the dreams don’t stop here. They go to the likes of Alphonse Putharen, Magizh Thirumeni, Karthik Subbaraj, to name a few.

To be frank, may be today, these are just dreams. But,  I will continue to hope. Because as they say, hope is a good thing. And no good thing ever dies.

Wishing the actor a very happy birthday and an exciting future.