Premam (Love) is the new Malayalam film which has hit the marquee and is receiving both critical and box office acclaim. Premam chronicles the life of  George David ( Nivin Pauly) whose quest for love sometimes results in funny incidents, sometimes tragic and finally finds love.Premam belongs to 3 female characters as much as it belongs to the character of George in the film, The film would have not been endearing without these female characters. 

Premam-Anupama ParmeshwaranMary George (Anupama Parameshwaran) is a HSC student. George is besotted by her, ever since he has seen her in church. More than love, it is a kind of infatuation for him which he mistakes for love. On the other hand we have Mary George, who is aware of her beauty and is confident. She is used to attention and knows how to deal with it. When in one scene, George stumbles, she asks him to what he wants to say. When she falls in love, she is not afraid to ask for George’s help in order to talk to her boyfriend.

Malar (Sai Pallavi)  George finds love again when he is in his college as he falls for his teacher. Malar is a Tamilian who comes in as guest lecturer at his college. Alphonse gives maximum time to this character in Premam. George falls in love with a Hindu Tamil girl. Malar is a very confident girl who knows she is beautiful.She thwarts her colleague’s plan to hit on her by giving him a wrong number. She does not need an alpha male to help her. In fact she cuts George to size who is rowdy of sorts in college. She is friendly, she is rational, in fact she is among a rare breed of teachers in Indian educational system. When she falls in love she does not hesitate to learn the culture and language of her boyfriend.

Even when she regains her memory, she does not cry over it. She accepts life as it is, she is not the one to cry over her lost love. She is gracious enough to accept that her lover has moved on and found love once again. Kudos to Alphonse for not resorting to racist jokes, or make fun of Tamilians like Bollywood did in Chennai Express. Here we see two people who are in love and trying to learn each other’s languages and not make fun of their customs.

Celine {Madonna Sebastian) is cool headed girl, she is played by two different actors (Eva Prakash plays the younger Celine), She is someone who is witty and humorous. She is not someone who is afraid to call a spade a spade. When George proposes to her, there is no dilly dallying or she does not shy away,running with heaving bosom like Bollywood heroines. She is confident, when her fiance calls her a whore, she  has the courage to call of her engagement. She does not run at the arms of George to solve her problems, when she meets George again, she casually mentions why she called of her engagement.

Premam-Madonna SebastianShe is the one who helps him find love, and closure to his previous love. She invites his former love to their wedding.

On the surface it may feel like we are seeing story of George, but deep down I feel Alphonse wanted to narrate the story of these 3 women. One more interesting thing is that we see George crying and breaking down. He is the one who despite trying to be macho, cannot handle life easily.On the other hand we have women who are very strong, be it Mary who is used to attention or Malar who does not think twice when asking George to leave the class or even Celine has no qualms making fun of George. These female characters are not your typically Bollywood heroines who are happy fasting or seeking their father’s blessings for marriage.In fact they are the ones who are ruling in the man’s world of Premam and rightly so.

Premam would have been impossible without all these female characters. Kudos to Alphonse who does not reduce female characters to mere props or beautiful accessories in film, In fact Alphonse goes a step ahead, his heroines do not have straightened hair, they do not have flawless skin or size zero bodies, and its is George who is seen doing the cooking in the movie. Alphonse does not blame females for leaving behind George, in fact he has written female characters so beautifully you feel more free for them than George.

By the end of Premam we understand it is George who needed to grow up and find true love. Each of the women in his life helps him in that journey,he becomes the sum total of their experience.

Alphonse delivers one of the finest movies to hit Malayalam Cinema this year with a film which has not one but three lovely female characters. He does not deride these female characters. He showers each of these female characters with love and attention that they deserve.