Massu Engira Masilamani (Masss) Movie Review: A Venkat Prabhu Sixer?Not at all

The Tamil film industry is having interesting  times, on one hand we have new filmmakers pushing the envelope and on the other we have stars doing the routine stuff. Even in their prime Rajni and Kamal tried to do some films which pushed the envelope, but to expect that from current troika of superstars Vijay,Ajith & Suriya would be far fetched. The problem in Tamil Industry is that everyone wants to be a Superstar, but that chair has already been taken. Having an intro song and punch dialogues does not make anyone a SUPERSTAR.

Masss Poster 2I have read n number of interviews where Venkat Prabhu says it is his responsibility to satisfy fans of the star. I wonder who are these fans, who want to see the same thing again and again for 3 hours. If they were in such huge numbers why wouldn’t all films of such stars become hits?It seems these fans do not turn up to buy tickets, or is it simply a ploy by directors to blame fans for their lack of creativity.

Mass begins with the murder of a cop, fast forward the film and you see some run of the mill con scenes, fast forward a little more and here comes the intro song. Venkat Prabhu who made fun of over the top action scenes and intro songs in his debut film,uses the same tropes here.

Like most Tamil films, Mass has a love story .Well let me rephrase it, stalking is ok in Tamil films. Unless you follow and harass a girl she won’t fall in love with you. She is so independent, in order to get a promotion she needs to bribe and the hero has to provide her money. No she won’t look for another job in any other hospital-that’s just not done you know.

We are forced to view one of the worst use of CGI in the history of Tamil Cinema here or maybe it was tribute to B Grade Tamil Devi/Amman movies. We are introduced to fact that Mass (Suriya) can now see ghosts. Totally a new and novel idea, now we have not seen this is in so many films before.

Then we are made to watch a video which is a rip of a Michael Jackson video, in which we also see references to Shining and many other Hollywood films. Why is the song there? Do not ask, it just comes and goes.

If the first half was bad the second half tests your patience even further with a cringe worthy track of a blind child who disappears from the film at the convenience of the writers.

Masss Still 2By the time it reaches its slow winding climax you feel you are watching mixture of films like Tarzan the Wonder car, Apoorva Sagotharargal, & Businessman to name a few, after all it is about a son avenging his parents murder.

On another note this is a film which promotes drunken driving, has graphical violence sequences as well.It makes me wonder how the CBFC gave this film a U certificate. This is clearly a case of favoritism.

It is sad to see a director like Venkat Prabhu who made fun of such boring films earlier himself today making such films. He gave us Mankatha which was fun. Even superstar Rajni did not have an intro song in Endhiran, it is high time Tamil stars come out of this rut of intro fight, intro song checklist. Venkat Prabhu’s films are known for it’s ensemble cast, be it Chennai 600028 or even Mankatha, every character contributes to the film. But here it is Suriya in every scene,other characters come and go. Nayantara has absolutely nothing to do in the film. At one point a character from another film (Engeyum Eppothum) comes in to this film and casually departs after preaching about organ donation.

This could have been a good B film, but alas it commits one cardinal sin of commercial cinema,it ends up being boring the audience.


2 thoughts on “Massu Engira Masilamani (Masss) Movie Review: A Venkat Prabhu Sixer?Not at all

  1. Who told u it bored the audience.? The movie was freaking “entertainment”…people espcacially in TN don’t think 2 much of the logic..they come 4 entertainment..and they surely got it from #Masss…maybe 4 u the movie might be logic less…the movie is a super hit..


  2. Dear Balu,
    I was one of the audience. Last time i saw or interacted with Tamil Audience they cared for logic, isn’t that a sweeping statement saying people of TN do not think for logic. Well if i go by box office reports, it seems the film is bigger flop than Anjaan,


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