Emraan Hashmi is one actor who can do both an A grade film and a B grade film with ease, very few actors can do that. Emraan has been experimenting with his roles over the last two years, but the results have not been favourable. Hi last two films despite being what you’d call as typical commercial films, failed to garner moolah at the box office.

Most of us are familiar with H.G.Wells novel (The Invisible Man), it remains a perennial favourite among generations, and Bollywood has already made a few as far as I know in which the leading man turns invisible. Of these my personal favourite is Gayab, I prefer it over the much loved Mr. India.

Mr. X (2015) Hindi Movie reviewMr. X is set in Mumbai, but you can’t see Mumbai in the movie, because almost the whole film has been shot in South Africa, it is sad when we have such a beautiful city like Mumbai, our film makers do not shoot here, even when the story is based in Mumbai. Or maybe we could blame our State Government maybe for in Maharashtra the costs involved and permissions for shooting  are high and cumbersome respectively making sure that some filmmakers prefer to shoot outside India.

Sci-Fi films always have a political undertone, in MR.X it is about should end justify the means. Who is good or who is bad, should we turn blind eye to law breakers in the name of security. It would have been a good subject, but alas the film does not bother to explore this theme, beyond the superficial dialogue, which after a point you feel is just rants of the character. To make matters worse the dialogues are silly like “Bheeni Bheeni Khusboo “ Agar tum meri tasveer apne zehan me rakh sakte ho toh kya main tumhari shirt apne jism pe bhi nahi rakh sakti.” or this one “Mujhe pata nahi jo log invisible hote hain unko nahane ki zaroorat padti hai ki nahi.”

Speaking of the story the first 30 minutes are inspired by Nick of Time, then it becomes a free for all, where it just becomes one random scene after another. In any sci-fi or superhero movie, two scenes are important one is transformation, which here is downright silly and the scene when he utters his name/identity, here he just says he is MR.X, just like that. Of course we have people calling him a hero, and despite killing the CM in a crowded banquet hall, no one is afraid of him.

-mr-x-songFor a film which is touted as a story of an invisible man, Emraan Hashmi is there in 98% of the screen time. And of course you will find a bunch of dimwitted ATS officers in this movie who do not have any common sense. Why hide a cop in a disco, for example? This is just one such question which bothers me. And when the film does not have logical answers to offer, they blame it on God. A scientist says if you do not know the answer, then it is God alone who knows it. The hero assumes he is here because God wants him to do greater things.

The music of the film is a big letdown compared to previous movies from the Bhatt Camp. Amyra Dastur cannot act, PERIOD. To make matters worse her dubbing and lip sync do not match even once in the film. Emraan Hashmi is let down by a role which virtually offers him nothing to do, and clearly he seems bored.

This could have been a good B grade revenge film, but Vikram Bhatt the man responsible makes this film a tedious watch and does the ultimate sin by making it Boring.