Broken Horses (2015): A Quick Review

Broken Horses PosterAs a country we have been the proud owners of some of the best movies and directors… but like any other country our obsession with Hollywood doesn’t die! Whether it is ‘getting inspired’ by Hollywood films, or positioning oneself as a ‘Hollywood actor’ (read Mallika Sherawat), we have constantly measured our worth with getting or missing an Oscar. There is absolutely nothing wrong in this.

But here is a classical case of turning the tables around on the wrong side.Vidhu Vinod Chopra decides to be the first director from India to make a Hollywood movie, launches it in Cannes with great fanfare in 2008 and finally releases it in 2015 across the world. We Indians go to watch it with great expectations only to realise that it is the remake of ‘Parinda’ with a western background sans the Clint Eastwoodian ‘Dirty Harry’ effect as everyone here seems to be very keen on impeccable ironed clothes and clean shaven faces!

Kishen (Jackie) is replaced by Buddy, Karan (Anil Kapoor) is replaced by Jacob and Anna (Nana Patekar) is replaced by Hench.

You can take an Indian out of India, but not the India out of an Indian. So the direction and the ethos remains Indian. We have Hench afraid of the fire though he never looked as menacing and maniacal as Anna. The 2 brothers never have the chemistry of the Anil-Jackie duo. Even Vittoria played by the enchanting Maria Valverde doesn’t scratch the surface of ‘Paro’ which was played by a sizzling Madhuri at her peak. We definitely miss ‘Tumse Milke’ and one of the best love-making scenes ever in Bollywood. Add it to it, Bollywood cliches like ‘bad man’ make it a bad version of the 1989 classic.

If James Cameron and Alfonso Cuaron have praised this movie as the PR says, then they certainly were stoned or they haven’t seen ‘Parinda’. Very ‘original’ attempt by VVC .. but certainly not an original movie .. though the original too belonged to him. With due respects Mr. Chopra we would still like to remember you as a Bollywood Icon with all the classics you have given us than a Hollywood wannabe. Jai Hind ! 


Note-IndieYogi’s posts are short/quick reviews,catering to the reader on the go. The attempt is to try something new in addition to the regular style of writing/reviewing.


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