Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!: A Quick Review

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy !In any detective/ thriller movie there are 3 things that bind the story- What, Who, Why (and How). But the most important of these is the ‘Who’. If it is not closer to the end then the rest of the story falls flat even if you have to discover the other ‘W’s. This was the main issue for me in Detective Byomkesh Bakshi.

The cinematography and art direction is brilliant. And so is the suave pace of Dibakar’s trademark direction. A special mention to the awesome background score which is so modern that it juxtaposes well with the period drama.

But the story has too many sub-plots, the villain is revealed too early and too many characters and interplay between them. The speed is slower than that expected of any detective movie. The speed of the trailer is in contrast to that of the movie. The ending has unnecessary gore and makes it obvious that this movie is just the first part of the franchise. Coming from experienced writers like Urmi Juvekar and Dibakar, I definitely expected better.

Sushant doesn’t look ‘Bengali’ enough but acts well. Neeraj Kabi stands out, especially with a stark contrasting character to that he played in ‘Ship of Theseus’ and has the potential to become the next Naseer/Nawaaz/Irfaan.

Good one time watch if you don’t expect too much from it


Note-IndieYogi’s posts are short/quick reviews,catering to the reader on the go. The attempt is to try something new in addition to the regular style of writing/reviewing.

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