Ever seen a Rohit Shetty film and how he pulls of 80 minutes of good footage spread across 150 minutes of bad film and he has pulled off many such gems over the career with his Comedy. Welcome the one film wonder Neeraj Pandey do a Rohit Shetty to a Thriller and pull off 90 minutes stretched across for 160 with the largest collection of un-suspenseful-nothing to achieve-blank-nothing is going to happen walking, driving and sitting. Not to mention the absurd name for a supposedly taut thriller, which I can look past by considering it raises curiosity. What I cannot look past is what is the director trying to achieve here. What the film achieves is never clear it’s about stopping attack and then it becomes of catching and killing K. K Menon and eventually ending with catching Maulana Mohammed Rahman, with the attack never seeing the light of the day or we knowing exactly what this attack was which leaves out the important ingredient of making a thriller. End of the world scenario and anyone’s life ever being in any danger.

Baby is the organization formed similar to IMF in Mission Impossible . Unlike IMF It is on a trail run for 5 years which by the way has nothing to do with the overall plot. Then for the next 10 minutes they catch their own officer who has turned against them with the only relevance for that scene being, there is something big being planned against India. Thriller depends on tension and surprises sprinkled with clever moves which brings a evil smile on your face. It must be relentless. But, the only cleverness and relentlessness we get to see is in the last 30 minutes which is neatly ripped off from Argo. The hacker hacks the codes in 5 minutes or he is located by the cell phone signal, they have not put much thought in to making it interesting and clever. The way Jamal is caught, the Sushanth Singh killing, everything that makes the thriller exciting is dumbed down and we are on again for the overtly long walking and driving.

rashidIt doesn’t have the cleverness of Mission Impossible movies and lacks the gripping nature and what’s at stake back story of Argo, until it becomes Argo. Also, what up with over use of English in the film which just seems unnatural and lame. Hindi in its own way is such a cool language and used so beautifully in A Wednesday, yet they have opted for typical and always heard before thriller terminology in English. Dialogues overall are ordinary in hand with that equally ordinary background score. There is lack of conflict in the film and nothing adds tension and what’s at stake than conflict, as for some reason Akshay and Danny always seem to think alike and so do everyone else along with Anupam Kher who jokes with conflict for some reason.

Performance wise there has always been a rumor that Akshay Kumar chops off his co-stars role. In this film maybe he takes it to a new level and kills off everyone else. The mass wastage of talent is at display here, with actors of the caliber of K. K Menon, Sushanth Singh, Rana Duggbatti used as mere props. Akshay Kumar does what he did in Special 26 and Holiday nothing special and for some reason really rude in the way he talks to his hot wife who again is never used as a part of what’s at stake. Danny Denzongpa gave the most laughter as all he did was pick up his phone and ask Akshay what is the next step, Some head of Baby. The remaining cast behaves like trained monkeys and are really bad.

I know we are not suppose to take this films seriously, I don’t mind the dumbness I just don’t like to be bored and this one does a good job of being boring. There were some highs, like loved the Haywire inspired fight sequence in the hotel between Sushanth Singh and the girl. Despite being ripped off from Argo the last 30 minutes were not bad. Swimming against the tide here as this one is really doing well, but if this is the best we can offer than I might as well stop watching Hindi movies because this is just a short film made in to a feature film.