There are some things in life that we are never too old to do. Like, feeding fishes, because the way they feed upon the food always fascinates us for some reason, ringing bell of some random doors and running away or enjoying a superhero movie with utmost gusto. Men fantasize more about being a Superhero than Kate Upton, and even though we convince ourselves that these films cater mainly to kids, the legacy of a Superman or a Batman is not something to kid about. They do inspire you in whatever way you see fit. This being said, we don’t really have a superhero. Superman, Neo & Batman should ideally be an inspiration to create our very own superhero. Unfortunately our superhero is a clone of them.

shaktimaan_1340377605_460x460Lack of original Superhero movies are both surprising and obvious. Krrish is the only assembled thing that we have right now created from various sources which are too much of a fusion from the west. Writers in Bollywood have this “original” super power of taking apart all that west has come up with. We can’t watch our superheroes without getting a sense of Déjà-Vu. We don’t really have a big comic book culture but it gives us a clean slate, but instead we are just Xeroxing. Watch every superhero movie and the one thing always established is that the superhero has a origin, he has a backyard to protect. Like Bruce Wayne has Gotham City. Our superhero on the other hand is busy saving firangs, maybe it’s Rakesh Roshan’s way of saying thank you to his audiences. And if he’s saving Indian’s he’s doing it in some futuristic CG India.

The mere fact that he’s not really Indian makes it very difficult to relate to a superhero like Krrish emotionally. We may laugh at Shaktimaan but there are so many times people use Shaktimaan as a reference though most of those times it is used as a joke. But he is an Indian in every way and we relate to him even though in embarrassment at times, but it is much better than feeling embarrassed about than creating a ripoff. India is a country with such amazing traditions, cultures, religions and you know what we have an abundance of Gods. There are so many Gods which can be an inspiration for a original superhero. The first name that comes to my mind is Lord Shiva. He is Indian, cool and amazing and his story has perhaps every ingredient you need for a superhero. The costume of our desi boy Krrish is stolen from the dry cleaners of Neo of The Matrix. Still can’t for the love of god figure out why not use gods. The cool costumes of Mahabharata can be such an amazing blueprint for a superhero costume.

What defines India are its villages, a perfect premise and backdrop for a hero. We have snakes, right? I am sure if we brainstorm enough we will be able to crack a snake-bitten anomaly or bitten by something or blessed by some of our god superhero or a re-born god and people will buy it and worship it. Another obsession that is very annoying is shooting action sequences aboard or making Mumbai look like a faraway foreign location. Most of the action set pieces are borrowed from Hollywood and the architecture of their sequence is of course set in those lavish places with big buildings of glass and super highway, since such places don’t yet exist in abundance in India. But who won’t love to see places like Marine lines, Worli sea face explode? These are the things which will make the film and the hero desi. It gets very difficult to come up with something new when it has been done to death like romance in Hindi cinema. But, there have hardly been any good superhero movies made, yet there is nothing new in terms of it and as surprising as it may sound, we see a romantic movie been churned out every other day.



The villains are the backbone of a superhero movie. They add the layer and a depth that saves a superhero movie from being repetitive and boring. We have Kaal and Ra.One. We can blame the actors for all we want. But the fact is, at the core of it they are very weakly written characters with very little background and proper depth performed by two ordinary actors, who couldn’t raise it above the level at which the writers wrote it. A amazing actor can take a line like Let’s put a smile on that face and say it with a nightmarish menace or someone like Kaal does when he asks his doctor to get the child out off Priyanka Chopra and sound at best ‘ok not really bad’. The core written for these villains are not engaging enough or twisted enough. Ra.One came out of the game Kaal’s whole body is paralyzed from the neck down apart from two Unglis. I mean when you have background like that you’re just going to disconnect yourself. The lines given to them don’t help in containing your laughter. Only thing that writers do is that they give them a larger than life persona and to give them superiority male them talk as if they are doing a opera of words always adding extra letter in the words Kaaaal kee Kayyyyynat maaaain aaaapka swwwagat haain and in such harmony you almost feel as if they are going to break in to a musical. The reference or the complexity for a villain can be drawn with real or mythological life like Shakuni or Duryodana from the Mahabharata.

Krrish3_Poster-2_cleanCan someone stop letting this old men write the story! The basic fact that they can’t gel together a decent story which is less on clichés and more towards something which is more creative and fresh. Doesn’t matter how much they try they can’t come up with something fresh. Two of the writers in Krrish-3 are Robin”writero ke A.K.Hangal”Bhatt & Honey”Darr ke baad kuch nai likna tha but Kya Kehna” Irani. Fresh blood should be ones coming up with story ideas. Why not keep a contest where you can create your own superheroes and send it as a entry. The main focus for superhero movies are always on the superpowers, action set pieces and songs. So there is very little spent on character development, back stories interesting sub plots apart from the obvious love angle to add that layer which will take it places and make it to more interesting viewing..

Let’s look at what we have ever since superhero movies were started in India. We still worship Batman and people are still growing nails to appear like Wolverine. So, we have 3 super hero movies and yet there is no distinctive following for it. The producers & writers are waiting for the next big Hollywood release just like we used to wait for 21 set in 10th. So until someone actually grows a pair and decides to dwell in to hint of originality we will be struck with these half baked so called “Superheroes”.