Dear Rajni Sir: An open letter to SUPERSTAR, the Phenomenon.

Dear Rajni Sir,

Lets just say that I have a dream.

Visualizing this dream has always left me reflecting on a truckload of memories and yearning for the vintage Rajinikanth‘.

That magical moment, when you opened the gate, as a haggard in rags, seemingly stricken with a terminally ill disease and smoking a beedi, simply refuses to go off my mind. If I remember right, the Sanskrit term ‘Shruthi Bedham’ appears precisely at this point on the frame, and the off screen voice only added on to make it seem like THE most inauspicious start to any debutante’s first screen appearance.

The film Apoorva Raagangal itself was thick in controversy, and nobody took notice of the young newcomer, who was on screen barely for fifteen minutes, muttered a few apologetic words to the wronged woman and ultimately died an unsung, non-heroic death.

super_star_rajiniNo one in the audience, even in his wildest imagination, would have thought that this nondescript man, who had the least attention in the film would go on to win millions of hearts in India.

But it happened. Following some sterling performances in films like Mullum Malarum, Ninathale Inikkum, Padinaaru Vayathinile, you were made a star. Star became Super Star. Super Star became Darling of the Masses. Emperor of the box office. And above all, our very own ‘phenomenon’, that we take pride in. The obvious reasons: your passion for the industry and unflinching hard work. Nothing less. Nothing more.

I totally enjoy your films and your flair. But there is something else I badly miss. In fact, not just me, its something many more people like me pine for. Yes, we miss the talented powerhouse performer in you.

The gifted artist in you did show his face now and then in masterpieces like Thalapathy and Enthiran, and on a rare occasion even in well made commercial films like Baasha. The kind of cinema that happens, when your talent is instigated by a brilliant director at the helm of affairs, was laid bare for the world to see. But then, this was not the norm, but only an exception. In reality, there is no denying the fact that you were made a victim of commerce, where you had to sacrifice your talents and technique for playing to the gallery.

And therefore as you complete nearly three decades of ruling the box-office, I thought I will tell you about my dream on the occasion of your sixty fourth birthday.

My dream is to see you rule the screen with your astounding screen presence and charisma, taking up sensible and powerful roles that suit your age and health, starting now

My dream is to witness your immense talent and the mystical ease with which you keep millions of eyes glued at you, being put to intelligent use for making some quality cinema.

superstar Rajinikanth upset with dhanushJust a fleeting thought of the kind of awesomeness that could be unleashed on us, if you choose to be a bit more brave and start collaborating with the best creative minds of our industry, promptly gives me the ‘goosebumps’. But definitely not, when your dupe is jumping off a cliff to the top of an air balloon or thrashing goons on the roof of a CG enhanced train. It might have, a decade ago. But now, we do expect more from you. Shouldn’t we? And ‘more’ need not be necessarily physically taxing.

Yes, we would rather prefer the real deal. If you are lead to believe otherwise, its the fault of the self-conferred ‘industry pundits’ around you. Believe me. The magic lies in you, and not in the double somersault that your dupe does. And I am sure I saw glimpses of that magic in the character of ‘Raja Lingeshwaran’. But why be satisfied with ‘glimpses’, I say!

And so, I sincerely hope that the Lingaa experience channels your infectious energy and efforts in a new direction. Yes, I know that its easier said than done, and cinema at the end of the day is essentially a business model. But you, being you, can certainly give it a try. We, the audience, are a matured lot. You got to trust us. Yes, the people who really know you and your capabilities would vouch for me that a quality film of yours, however experimental it is, cannot simply be a failure.

I feel you are at a stage, where you have the liberty and authority to open the gates for some true-blue aboorva raagangals. If you will.

One film Sir. All I am asking is one. Where you are yourself. The one and only ‘Rajni’. No dupes. No lip gloss. No boots and coat. No romancing a thirty year old in lavish sets. No messing around with comedians. Just YOU. And your awesomeness, Because you deserve it.

I will continue to hope. Because hope is a good thing. And no good thing ever dies.

Lots of love. And Happy Birthday.


  1. arun says:

    Absolutely! I cannot agree more. I hope Superstar reads this 🙂


  2. Krishna says:

    Great write up! Hope it happens for real 🙂


  3. Rahini says:

    Thank you for this for you’ve only put in words exactly what’s been running through my mind since watching Lingaa yesterday. Never have I’ve been so disappointed after watching a Thalaivar film. Even Baba was miles better.

    Karthik Subburaj wrote on Twitter that Rajni said he would have loved to do the character of Sethu in Jigartnanda. The image it created in my mind was just mindblowing. Just imagine, Rajni stepping out of that red car to wash his face. It probably would have been the most epicest scene ever. Even when my brother and I saw Jigarthanda, we believed that character and Simha’s acting was modelled on Rajni. Why can’t the model himself play such roles? Thalaivar has so much potential. Tonnes more than what he displayed in Lingaa. What hurts the most is the people around him that treat him like a money-making machine.

    The fact that we’ll have to wait for another 2+ years to see a Thalaivar film again kills, but happy to wait for a decade if it means a film will release where Rajni plays a character of his age, his demeanor, his style, his wisdom and his charisma!

    Thanks for this beautiful post 🙂


  4. Padhma says:

    Totally my thoughts too. Gave me the goosebumps and brought a glimmer of tears to my eyes! How I wish……


  5. shri vno says:

    Hope some one would bring this article to the notice of super star and he will consider this dream of the real fans.


  6. udhaysankar says:

    You have stolen my thoughts….. Great write up….!!!


  7. ramanna ramani says:

    I agree with Mr. Manish. Rajini is undoubtedly a phenomenon in the film world .He knows everything in all the subjects not only in the film industry but also the outside world.But the fact of the matter is he has been commercially exploited very much that he cannot come out of the WEB immediately. Rajini fans are not interested in continuously seeing acting in movies that has a fantasy tag.Rest he has to decide.


  8. Totally agree with you… I’m sure each and every rajni fan will agree.. This is really well written.. Leaving the readers wishing that it happens for real…


  9. buna says:

    Very true … totally agreed. I cannot accept these directors or story writers using him like a bufoon to reach their quota in the market. I am his ardent fan ever since I saw him in on screen …totally respect and love him for his attitude and charisma. Hope this reaches him and I want my next to accept him as hero whom I know and not laught or ridicule when he flew mid air to save his girl friend and dam. Matured directors ir his wellwishers who they call themselves will never ever do this to him.. wondering why does he not ask them and performs as they want. Please rajni sir do not perform in such silly stunts these manipulative people advise you.


  10. Swaminathan says:

    He should start doing character roles like Amithabh. His potential in those roles are also so huge that his fans wil love him. One more movie like Linga will bring down his image. He must decide.


  11. Rajagopalan. says:

    Atleast thalaivar should do one like the dream & other a masala…But even the masala can be seen only if it is done by rajini not any one…

    AFter seing Lingaa Climax, I had the same thought like that given in this article…
    Even though the film is a commercial success, as a true rajini fan I missed the weightage & punch like chadramukhi or enthiran…


  12. Priyanka says:

    Very true just to see the phenomenon the magic the movement called rajni the emotion called rajni be his true self.


  13. He was asked the same question by his guru Mr. Balachandar on stage during an interview after the success of enthiran, He said that you should do movies like Amithab’s “cheeni cum”. But Rajini replied that he is not interested to do such movies. He wants to do “big commercial movies” only. Watch the video in youtube. He is clear in his decision. So lets get set to that thought.


    1. Swaminathan says:

      Fate does not spare anybody.


  14. Geeth says:

    How much you should love this Man for you to have put your thoughts in such an amazing way and wonderful words! May your dream come true! 🙂


  15. anandkumarrs says:

    I agree with you. good post. While on this, pls read my post after watching Lingaa. “Can Rajini???” –
    Feedback most welcome.


  16. Aiswarya says:

    Great write up! My thoughts exactly,
    Rajini sir had proved himself in quite a lot of movies….I went to the theatre with a lot of expectations from the infamous duo.. KS ravikumar and Rajini kanth..But lingaa was a huge disappointment. I hope this letter comes to the notice of the superstar, and he sets His foot for the real deal..a real movie.


  17. Cinemausher says:

    Rajni has reached a stage in stardom, which very few people reach. It happened with BIG B, in late 80’s like Shankar it was Mukul Anand who could mould and use his stardom perfectly. It has happened with Mohanlal. I do not have problem with he acting his age or not, after all it is acting. Can he convince he has energy of 30 Year old and walk like 30 Year old, the answer is big yes, he can.
    I do not agree with physically taxing parts, he is 64 which for today’s time is middle age not even old age. Every actor uses dupes, and sometimes they need to strain, but it is up to them.
    The problem is we do not have director or writers who can write for Rajni, like i mentioned the Rajni Myth has become so big, it is daunting task,Shankar did very well in his last two films. He needs better written role, yes,will he do it? yes, i am sure about it, but let the writers write that first.


  18. I guess your dream will come true #Kabali.


  19. Now rajni sit should take steps and try to unite few rivers of South India to help Tamil Nadu
    Prior to contest in election .Money he can conduct programmes outside India and a film acting for this will be his contribution .the other money from people of his followers. If he does this before he contest the election,it Will get him very good hopes in Tamil Nadu people.even if he does not complete river union project ,he will win election ,then he can complete work.


  20. Correction sir instead of sit.
    Other than that his mandram thalaivarkal should actively add more people in their mandram .only aim is to place rajini sir at cm chair .the rest he will do.gove cards to all who wants to the time of election bring the non voting 30 percent people to vote .catch the new is hard to change 30 percent of people belonging to DMK and ADMK parties.sou have 70 percent people to vote for Rajini


  21. Priya udaiyar says:

    Dear Super Star Sir,
    I am priya from mumbai I just want one small help from you that my brother is going abroad for the studies we want the help of the money can you please help us as we are middle class people.


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