Happy New Year Movie Review: Steal-Deal

This movie was fun. Guys, wait. Before you start throwing oranges, and bananas, and eggs at me, let me brief it up. I did not like its occasionally serious use of clichés. I did not like its sappy melodrama, and I did not, for the life of me, liked a good part of the song and dance sequences. Parts of them were quite a spectacle, sure, but mostly songs and dances in a movie requiring dance sequences were bland and, unnecessary, at most, and hindering, at-least.

Happy New YearBut, apart from all that, I liked the rest of it. I liked the dance training sessions they undergo. I liked minor hiccups they face; I liked the lunacy, and absurdity. This is one movie in which when things get desperate, things get funny. It is a masala movie, and it’s long, and it feels like it only when songs slow down the plot. And the heist, guys. It’s a riot. It’s a riot, and its inventions aren’t simply absurd. Premise isn’t simply a hack, slash, piece, and adjust (which it might just be). Just because it is been there and done that, it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. It is. Without giving away any spoilers, I want you to know there are things that will make sense, but you see Farah likes it simple. And her simplicity makes it original. Even though you nerds might have seen dozens of heist movies, (and, I have seen quite a few worth my salt as well), the heist gets you going. You know how the movie will end. You always know. Because, after all, you have seen all the movies, but you know, this one gets going, and stays at it. I wasn’t bored. And I think many of you won’t. Many of you won’t just because there’s a lot of entertaining stuff in it. But to me, it was pure, absurd, plain, harmless fun.

Now I am not saying this is a great movie. You do not enter a mainstream, masala movie expecting a lot of it. I watched Haider earlier this month, and that was a great movie. But then, when I watch a movie like Besharam, and come out with frustration, I know I didn’t like it. But when I enter into a movie like this and I don’t come out frustrated, and I still remember a few moments when I laughed, really, then I wasn’t frustrated. And that’s a thumbs-up from me when a movie this mainstream doesn’t freak the hell of out me. And then I reserve the right to say I liked the movie.

HNY-Still 4There are many things that are outright hilarious, like our respected PM showing up in between of the movie. They review their plan in a place (details of which I don’t want to give away), and that’s one sequence only a director with a solid visual flair can compose. There is a fist fight which is not, at all, the usual flying people, flying objects fist fight you get to see in movies these days (though that kind of a fist fight is also there in the movie, a bit early on, but that’s more goofy than loud, and I was fine with that, too.)

All you snobs can comment, and fight, and fret, and cry, but stop guys, stop there. Let this harmless high budget spectacle recover its costs. Let it be, it’s not overtly misogynistic like other movies, it’s not an overtly violent movie under its surface, and it has, in-fact, a plot. It reaches somewhere. And it’s far cleaner than movies I get to see in its category these days. And I laughed out loud in some of the moments. And sometimes, all the hats at Farah for this, some of the most emotionally manipulative scenes end with hilarious hamming. That’s brave. If you know you are manipulating, and yet, you have to entertain, and you are not guilty, and not taking all of it too seriously, then as a film maker you are walking a tight rope, trying to maintain balance. Farah maintained it for the good length of the movie. For the rest of it, she fluttered, and fumbled, and floundered, and shook. But even then, she maintained to keep things moving.

And that, my friends, is a reason enough to watch a movie. If I was bored, I’d scathe it, without thinking. And mostly, I was expecting I would do that, but, surprisingly I don’t have to. If I was walking on a scale of expectations, then I did by starting at -2 and reaching 2. That means this film earned four plus points. I don’t rate movies so I won’t say what would be the best score I’d award a movie. But, a movie exceeding my dismal expectations, to such an extent, leaves me pressure free, relaxed, and satisfied.


  1. Ajay Nair says:

    Frankly speaking one of the best pieces I have read about the film…Your mention of coming out of watching a Besharam and feeling frustrated and not feeling about the same here is what it’s all about…

    I was waiting for the movie to go further downhill after all the characters got introduced which was plain bad in my opinion… But as soon as the dance rehearsal starts it is fun and for a larger part it remains so…

    The Nonsense wali night with all those Hindi proverbs in the subtitles is one of the highpoints of the film and Farah being at her zany and crazy best…

    Wouldn’t mind it earning a few crores and the definition of a Masala Hindi film for future references…


  2. Gounder machini says:

    A stupid plot rip off from Hollywood and the heist isn’t thrilling saving grace some few giggles with abishek and boman you seem to be praising the movie Bollywood should learn lessons from tamil and malayalam movies


  3. chaitanya says:

    Please don’t try to convince yourself and others, HNY is a very bad film, instead of keeping your mind out of theater and watching it (after paying 120 bucks), it is better to watch comedy nights with kapil or some cartoon network


    1. Salil Shankar says:

      I’ll try to convince you that I am not trying to convince anyone anything. Because conviction, like other things belongs to one person.


      1. Salil Shankar says:

        That was way too dramatic, ainnit? 😛 Alright, sorry. Cheers, man. 😀 😀


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