A National holiday or festival is the ideal occasion for a big ticket film release. A potential blockbuster with a leading star who can draw in the crowds and make it work, irrespective of how good or bad the film would be, is more than often deemed to be that perfect festival or national holiday release. Over the years, such star vehicles or films have become an indispensable part of the lives of the movie goers.

anjaan-poster-1This year’s Independence Day saw the release of the Tamil film ‘Anjaan’,  a big budget star vehicle featuring ‘Suriya’ in the lead along with Samantha, Manoj Bajpai and Vidyut Jamwal cast in prominent roles.

Given the rather lackluster promos of the film being aired and the mediocre fare such star vehicles dish out in the name of entertainment , I wasn’t too hopeful of the film. Yet I ventured to watch it. Yes, I wasn’t forced into Anjaan. I however took it upon me to watch the film in order to challenge my masochistic instincts. My verdict? Lets just say that any attempt at rating my misery at the theatre is an exercise in futility.

It is a film which in my opinion you should skip for various reasons

Yes, the reasons are many. But given below are my top ten reasons on why you should refrain from watching the film.

1. To let stars like Vijay, Ajith, Surya and wannabes like Sivakarthikeyan know that they can’t pass off a horrendously bad script, under the garb of a ‘family entertainer’ and still make a profit out of it.

2. To make ‘big’ actors reach out to fresh talent and new ideas in order to taste critical and commercial success.

3. To send out a statement that big budgets and huge stars at the cost of good content, don’t guarantee ‘huge revenue’.

4. To make the stars stop walking towards the camera in all angles aided with some silly VFX gimmicks and an absurdly loud background score.

5. To make the ‘industry’ realize that the audiences give two hoots about five unconnected and insanely expensive ‘song and dance’ routines, which spring out of nowhere in the narrative.

6. To divert the time and money being spent on breaking tables, window panes and car glasses to writing a logical, tight and engaging screenplay henceforth.

7. To make wannabe screenwriters think twice about the degree of character development needed to satisfy the audience.

8. To tell female actors that accepting ridiculous and underwritten characters in big star movies wont make them famous.

9. To send a clear message to the producers and distributors that a bad film can’t be salvaged, however intelligently and voraciously it maybe promoted.

10. To reaffirm the fact that only a good innovative ‘script’ makes good ‘cinema’, and nothing else!