Watch the international action sensation‘300-Rise of an Empire’ on Blu-ray & DVD

‘Home Entertainment Services by Sony DADC’ releases the biggest action sequel of the year, 300-Rise of an Empire, on Blu-ray and DVD. Watch this action driven war flick that stars Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey and Rodrigo Santoro in high definition to enjoy the visual extravaganza.In addition to the film, the Blu-ray also offers various exclusive bonus features that will further add to the excitement of the viewers. Listed below are bonus features available on Blu-ray that are a must watch for movie lovers.

 Feature 1:Behind the scenes:Four Focus Point-style featurettes kick things off with a talking-heads overview of the sequel’s production, from Frank Miller’s initial pitch to producer Zack Snyder to the merging of performance, visual effects and bloody brutality. Segments include 3 Days in Hell, Brutal Artistry, A New Breed of Hero and Taking the Battle to Sea.

300 rise of an Empire Feature 2:Real Leaders & Legends: Listen to the filmmakers and historians offer a candid, scene by scene, breakdown of the differences between the real battles and the on screen version of those clashes and warriors.

 Feature 3:Savage Warships Enlighten yourself with the war strategies of the Greek navy, the sets used to create the naval battles of the film, the historical developments and the other war tactics employed by the Greeks on Blu-ray.

 The Film: 300–Rise of an Empire300-Rise of an Empire directed by Noam Murro is a war flick based on the Battle of Salamis. The story depicts the famous war between the Ancient Persians and Greeks. The film pits the Greek general, Themistokles, against the massive invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes, and Artemesia, revengeful Persian naval commander.


  • Blu-ray – Rs. 1299 /-
  • DVD – Rs. 599 /-
  • Autoplay DVD – Rs. 169 /- (Available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu)
  • VCD – Rs. 149 /- (Available only in Hindi)

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