Hi I’m Tony: Trailer

Hi I'm Tony 2014Jean Paul Lal aka Lal Jr, the son of actor-director-producer Lal made his debut as director with the Malayalam movie Honey Bee last year. Though the critics weren’t too kind to the film, it did go on do well commercially. He is now back with his second film, Hi I’m Tony which is slated for an Eid release (25th July).Produced by SJM Entertainments along with Ideas Inc., Hi I’m Tony features Asif Ali, Biju Menon, Lal, Mia George, Lena etc. Jean Paul Lal has gone back to work again now with many people he worked with in Honey Bee like music composer Deepak Dev, DOP Alby and editor Ratheesh Raj.Continue reading “Hi I’m Tony: Trailer”

Punjab 1984 Movie Review: History Retold Dramatically, the Right Way Though

I grew up getting reasonably exposed to Punjabi Cinema thanks to the one & only Doordarshan. India’s National broadcaster in the 1980’s especially kept experimenting with content and television slots and movies-Hindi, regional and even International would keep figuring prominently across the same. Starved of any other options for entertainment in those days, kids like me then were more than addicted to Television. A particularly curious movie slot which remained for some time on Doordarshan was on Thursday evenings. This wasn’t a very popular slot and chances are that most people today may not even remember the same unlike that of the Saturday & Sunday evening slots for Hindi films or the Sunday afternoon slot for regional cinema, mostly comprising of award winning films. Incidentally years later after D.D had long withdrawn the Thursday evening movie slot; they went on to introduce a Tuesday afternoon slot as well. But let’s talk about all that some other day, as I must now tell you why I am talking about all this anyways.Continue reading “Punjab 1984 Movie Review: History Retold Dramatically, the Right Way Though”

P&A The Curse or The Boon: A Look at the Trends down South!!

The Current story of the South Indian cinema is that of unprecedented growth and rapid change. Let’s take a look at the key component which is driving this growth, the very same component which is today the biggest deterrent for the Hindi Cinema, The dreaded P&A [Print & Advertising].Continue reading “P&A The Curse or The Boon: A Look at the Trends down South!!”