“A film is neither good nor bad. It is always an extension of the film maker. So just like an individual, film too has many shades to it”. This is something Arvind Kamath told me at the Film Making Workshop hosted by IIT Madras in 2012 when we met for the first time. I however understood this completely only when I saw his indie venture Innuendo. Here is the trailer of the film.

Innuendo Poster 2An episodic experiment , the film has 3 parallel storylines titled – The Reticent, The Writer’s Block & The Bachelor’s Party. Shot mostly in English,  there are fragments of Hindi & Kannada as well. Throughout the film you can feel the presence of a very personal story being told by the film maker. The introductory title cards with sepia toned sketches and sombre music set the tone for the mood of the film. Kamath who has edited the film himself sees to it that the flow of narrative is in sync with this mood.

The Reticent narrates the loneliness and frustrations of a teenage child (Kenneth Sebastian) living with a single mother (Anjana Ajit) and having his first brush with unleashing of sexual urges within him. Watch out for the scene where a KFC snack is put to an altogether different use by this sexually inquisitive boy. The confusion and anger which we have with the world around us and unfortunately vent out on the ones who love us the most has been very beautifully brought out in the story. And so has been the resilience of a single mother who continues to bear the insults levied upon her by her only son because of her selfless love for him.

The Writer’s Block, feels straight out of the diaries of any aspiring author.  Forced to leave the house after a fight with his wife, the author (Sanjeev Nair) takes refuge in a shady place where a beautiful & mysterious lady(Aditi Kalunte) befriends him. His attraction for this muse of his culminates into a horrific incident where the line between love & lust gets blurred. Perhaps the most beautifully shot story of the 3 episodes in the film, watch it for a very intimate portrayal of love between two strangers before witnessing its heart-breaking climax.

Innuendo Still 1The third part, Bachelor’s Party, is my favorite which actually ties up all the 3 tales. A bunch of youngsters decide upon a roof top party. Alcohol and drugs take a toll on one of the friends (Naveen Kumar). The rest of the film follows him quietly as he delves down into an abyss of darkness. It would remind you of several drunken friends of yours who have done bizarre things in an inebriated state. The confidence of the director reflects strongly as he puts us in the very space the character is in-rolling on the toilet floors, least bothered about the surroundings and makes us feel equally lonely & miserable.

Majority of the film has been shot in black & white with only The Writer’s Block in colors and rightly so as it does justice to portrayal of writer’s imaginative world.  In fact, long after the film gets over, in all probability, the images from this episode will continue to haunt you. Watch out for a beautifully choreographed mime act in this particular story. Actress Aditi Kalunte (playing the writer’s muse) who mesmerises the writer as well as the audience with her endearing smile is certainly a talent to look out for. A few performances did leave me wanting for more and the film also felt a bit slow in some parts. Nevertheless, Innuendo remains a brave & original attempt and is a must watch for audience who relish experimental indies.

The film is not yet online. However, you can contact the director on Facebook to watch the film. For more details you can go through the IMDB link and a review of the film by The Hindu. To view Arvind’s other works visit his website.

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