Twitter Etiquette Doordarshan Style

Few months ago I had written about why Social Media agency of Fox Crime should be fired, and what they should do to get more genuine followers.Well they did not seem to take notice of that, but surprisingly Doordarshan seems to have got everything right in this respect, prompt replies, wit and teaching kids a word or two about good cinema. It all started with this tweet.

When some Smart Alec who thinks Bollywood is the only relevant cinema tweeted to DD 1’s Twitter handle on how it was boring to watch art films on Sunday, the reply by DD 1 deserves 3 bows. They did not ignore the complaint, instead they addressed it immediately with wit, sarcasm and also they knew when to stop after they made their point.

They went on to address that they show Bollywood masala films

and then went on to inform the misguided soul the difference between boring cinema and National award winning cinema like a true rock star

and then on to how DD 1 balances Bollywood films and non Bollywood  Indian films

and why DD 1 still represents Indian cinema with this tweet

and finally the sarcasm loaded advice, which I hope the person must follow soon and start watching other cinemas apart from Bollywood films

and look at some responses which DD 1 got

Look at the love, respect and goodwill DD 1 earned by making its stand clear , it is not like that DD 1 makes fun of people, look at this tweet where it says peace,

It is not that DD 1 always talks about it self like other brands which talk about how cool they are, how they are doing favour to us,whereas DD 1 Twitter handle is quick to respond which is what an ideal brand should do, look at this tweet exchange.

A simple hello which most Brands ignore, but a good social media manager knows how these conversation are useful building long lasting relation.

and if you thought it only retweets good things and does not reply to queries, DD 1 Twitter handle comes as a fresh breath of air, where it speaks about censorship.

it’s reply on not showcasing some films

like a good social media manager, it urges it’s follower not just to follow them on other social media, but why should they do it

It is good to see, that at least our public broadcaster has got its Twitter Etiquette right, I do not know who handles it, but boy you are doing it so well, way to go Doordarshan.


6 thoughts on “Twitter Etiquette Doordarshan Style

  1. Even I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the tweets being exchanged by this moron & DD National 1.Indeed whoever is handling the Twitter handle for DD is doing a super job.Also its nice to receive e-mailers these days from DD on the films they are screening at nite-way to go DD 🙂


    • Of course, it seems DD1 is embracing the new medium brilliant unlike other cable channels social media agency,shows on how public broadcaster has reinvented itself.


  2. Good article Ashwin. It was pleasant surprise to learn that Doordarshan is doing a very good job of interacting with its followers via Twitter. The way they they handled the rather asinine queries of that person you mentioned in your article is rather commendable.

    Other brands should take a cue from this and learn to make it’s social media engagement rather effective.I have new found respect for Doordarshan and have started following them on FB n Twitter thanks to your post.


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