Classics are classics, they define and redefine film language. They are the starting point for many themes and emotions. They are classics because they tell unforgettable stories through visual medium. MFF has always presented classics under various sections. Some are restored films and some are retrospective films.I decided not to crib about MFF for the next ten years for having showed the restored and extended version of ‘OUATIA’ , one of my all time favorites. And that too on a big screen just like what Sergio Leone envisioned. If you are in to classics then some big names in film-making await you this year as well.

All About Eve


You name any criteria, awards, ratings, screenplay, acting. Everything is positive about All About Eve.

92nd in IMDB’s all time Top 250.

16th on AFI’s 100 Years … 100 Movies List

Oscar for Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Picture, Best Costume, Best Sound. Best Supporting Actors. A feat only surpassed by Titanic. It’s also the only Film in Oscar history to get four female acting nominations. Winner of Best Actress in Cannes Film Festival and nominated for  what was then Palme d’OrSpecial Jury Prize at Cannes, which was then second only to Jury Prize.
8.4 Rating on IMDB
100% on Rotten Tomatoes
And if this is not enough. The film has the most iconic villain of all time according American Film Institute. EVE HARRINGTON is at 23rd position in AFI’s list of  100 years … 100 Heroes and Villains.

This is a restored version, you wont even find it on #youknowhere. Probably your only chance to see this classic on Big screen.


Tokyo Story

A Still from Tokyo Story
A Still from Tokyo Story

British Film Institute’s ‘poll of greatest films (2012) lists ‘Tokyo Story’ as the third best film ever. Yosujiro Ozu is known for his static camera, camera that never moves. It sits like a dead observer. The pacing is slow. ‘neglected elderly parents’ is the theme which we have seen so many time, but all those films essentially started with ‘Tokyo Story’. Ironically enough Tokyo Story itself is inspired by an American film ‘ Make My Way For Tomorrow’ (1937). The best thing about Tokyo story are the emotions. But I found it a little melodramatic at some places.


Poster of the legendary movie Z by Costa Gavra...
Poster of the legendary movie Z by Costa Gavras, about the political assassination of Gregoris Lambrakis. “He is alive!” can be seen in the poster caption under the large Z, written in French, referring to the popular Greek protest slogan “Ζει” meaning “he (Lambrakis) lives”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you think ‘Shanghai’ was a great film, just wait till you watch Z on the big screen. Costa Gavras’s masterpiece won the 1970 Best Foreign film and Best Editing Oscar. It also won the Best Actor award at 1969 Cannes film festival. A pacy and taut political thriller,it has some very interesting characters. If you haven’t seen it already then you should not be missing it

And Costa Gavras is the master of political thrillers, with human emotions affecting lives of common man.

Also check a  World War crime drama, Amen and a hostage thriller, State of Siege

The King of Comedy

It is time to watch a restored film from a man, who is behind the restoration of many great films, one of the most celebrated filmmaker of our times , the one and only Mr Martin Scorsese. If you are a fan-boy of Scorsese, you cant miss this. This is the restored version and probably your only chance to watch it on the big screen, and they way Mr Martin Scorsese wanted you to see Robert De Niro as a comic . Dare not miss it.

The Spirit of the Beehive


“A sensitive seven-year-old girl living a small village in 1940 rural Spain is traumatized after viewing James Whale’s “Frankenstein” and drifts into her own fantasy world.”

And it has a rating of 7.9 out 8000 odd votes.

This must be something indeed.

And other notable classics include Spanish romantic Drama, with a teaspoon of mystery, Lovers of he Arctic Circle and 1983 Oscar winning Best Foreign Film Volver a empezar