Well MFF gets best of the films from festivals around the world, especially the big three-Cannes, Berlin and Venice. And this year is no exception. There are a whooping 12 films from the main competition @ Cannes. We all are infatuated with Cannes for sure, may be  because many Indian films are making it into the festival in recent years. Of course none of them have been nominated in main competition. So the idea is to watch best films from the best festival first.

And if you believe festival awards are a definite standard of cinematic excellence, then just watch these films without reading any synopsis, watching any trailer and without knowing anything about them. Awards and nominations are enough. And if you don’t believe in festival awards and nomination, I suggest that you become jury yourself and discover these films as juries of the festivals might have discovered. In both cases it is no point making a shortlist, instead make your priorities.
Four must see films from Cannes,all award winners.
1. Winner Palme d’Or-Blue is the warmest Color . And interestingly it is based on a grpahic novel.
2. Best Screenplay-A Touch of Sin
3. Best Director- Heli
4. Inside Llewyn Davis-Grand Prize of the Jury and it is a Coen Brothers Film
Now come films of  few directors of your liking, in my case they are
5. The Past-It is a Ashgar Farhadi Film
6. Only God Forgives– It is a Nicolas Winding Refn Film.
7. Shield of Straw– It is a Takeshi Mike Film
Now comes genre of your choice. In my case it is crime and history
Now leave Palme d’Or Nominees for a while and lets go to Berlin. We don’t have the winner of the Golden Bear with us but we do have the Silver Bear winner.
10. Closed Curtain– Jafar Panahi
11. Vic+Flo Saw a Bear– Alfred Baur Prize at Berlin Film Fest. Supposedly a post modern Cinema.
Again we get back to some Palme d’Or Nominees w.r.t thier IMDB Ratings
13. Grigris – I am not very sure about it. But still it is a Palme d’Or Nominee.
Now coming to films which were part not of the main competition at Cannes
14. Ilo Ilo– Golden Camera winner. I often found golden camera winning films better than some from the main competition.
15. The Selfish Giant– Label Europa Cinema
16. La Jaula de Oro– Winner of the Uncertain Regards section. I am a little unsure about “Uncertain Regards” Winners. But who knows this one might just impress indeed.
 Ilo Ilo Movie Poster
Also FIPRESCI winner From Toronto
And then comes the Best Narrative Feature Film of Tribeca
18. The Rocket – It is in international Competition at MIFF 2013 too.

The Rocket 2013
The Rocket
And next is the Sundance screenwriting award winner
And then Golden Leopard Nominee @ Loccarno
The only Palme d’Or Nominee I am not sure about is
20. A Castle in Italy- 4.8 out of 56 votes … I am going to miss this, if it clashes any of the above films. Again that’s why this priority list has been made.

Now comes the turn of Golden Bear Nominees, but before that I am going to put a strange choice, just because it’s premise.

21. On My Way
22. In the Name Of
23. Layla Fourie
Finally the Audience Award Winner @ Moscow
24. Matterhorn
Remember when it comes to Festival Darlings, it is about priorities. There is good amount of chance that one might not able to watch all of them.
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P.S Some of the films are available @ You Know Where. If you have a good HD TV, it might be a second option in case you miss it in MAMI.