Ranbir Kapoor's Besharam Movie Review: Bollywood Masala Film

Popular Indian actors unlike their other counterparts in world, not only have to act, they also should know how to dance, fight and lip-sync. Big Bollywood blockbusters similar to Hollywood summers movie are classified under masala genre, such movies have little bit of everything few comic scenes, action sequences, melodrama and a Hero who remains in the frame from start to end of the film.  Every upcoming Bollywood actor who wants to be a superstar has to do one such film.

Ranbir Kapoor, the latest  superstar of Bollywood who delivered one of the biggest hits of Indian Cinema earlier this year is back with another movie, Besharam. And we have Abhinav Kashyap handling directorial reins for Besharam, after Dabangg.

We have Ranbir Kapoor (Babli) and his friend T2 (Amitosh Nagpal) who can steal any car in Delhi within a matter of few seconds. Babli is a character straight from 70’s and 80’s of Bollywood Cinema who is an orphan, and steals for survival.  We have Rishi Kapoor Playing Delhi Police Inspector  Chulbul Chautala who is going to retire in two months and his wife Bulbul, a Head Constable is played by his real life wife Neetu Singh. She is always worried about their future as they have no children and always forces Chulbul to take bribes in order to have a secure life after retirement.

pallavi-sharda-ranbir-kapoor-still-from-besharamBabli falls in love at first sight with Tara (Pallavi Shrada) who is a manager at an MNC. Babli is carefree and does what he loves, he is a man who wears his heart on his sleeves, while Tara is the exact opposite, and she buys Mercedes Benz not because she loves to drive, but for her it is a social status to show the society her worth. Unknowingly Babli steals Tara’s car, and when he understands his mistake Babli and Tara embark to Chandigarh to fetch her car back. Babli accidentally reveals that it was he who stole Tara’s Car.

Babli sees nothing immoral in stealing, for him robbing cars is needed for the survival of himself and the Orphanage he belongs to. While for Tara her car is not about survival, but more to do with status symbol and her ego. The rest of the film follows, how these two patch up and find love.

It is interesting to see a mainstream Bollywood film showing a senior middle class couple in love and not being dependent on their children or visiting temples. Come to think of it, when was last time a Bollywood film talked about menopause? Kudos to doing away with cliches like old couples are always sync with each other when in love, in reality most marriages turn bitter like the one between Chulbul and Bulbul. While in arranged marriages in the beginning you will find that husband is dominant partner, but over the years, it is wife who becomes more dominant. Thank God, Abhinav gets this aspect right, instead of showing some docile wife who listens to whatever her husband says.

Ranbir Kapoor with Chest Hair in BesharamAbhinav Kashyap also inserts mandatory sequence to please fans of Kapoor clan like Rishi Kapoor dancing to Ranbir’s Hit song Badatameez Dil.We also have a villain mouthing dialogues like Maa Hogi Teri, after beating Neetu Singh to Ranbir’s face in case you miss the connection Neetu Singh is the real life mother of Ranbir.  Good to see Hindi film hero sporting chest hair, otherwise all our stars with their waxed body look like they never had hair growth in their body. Considering Indian men mostly have hirsute body it was always strange to see our Bollywood heroes with clean shaven chest always.

Although the Soundtrack of Besharam is not pleasing to hear, but onscreen the songs sound better, may be that has to do with Ranbir’s Charm. Rishi Kapoor as the henpecked husband and honest police inspector is a delight to watch. Pallavi Shrada is no match to the charming Ranbir Kapoor. Her dancing skills reminded me of Akshay’s 90’s dance sequences which more were like exercise workouts. Ranbir carries the whole movie on his shoulder and he does not disappoint us. The wafer thin story line, becomes enjoyable and fun, just because of him. Ranbir’s uninhibition in acting brings such allure to Besharam. If any other actor had played this role, it would have been crass and vulgar, but the magnetism of Ranbir saves the film. But what is this with Ranbir and his directors, every director he works with this guy seems to have developed a man crush on him, Abhinav repeats a Saawariya act with Ranbir this time and we do get to see Ranbir’s butt crack in the film for no reason. Neetu Singh as Bulbul is topnotch and is the showstopper of the movie. Even though her character has shades of grey, the way she makes audiences empathize with her character is something which an actress of only her caliber can do.


Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh and Ranbir Kapoor in BesharamBesharam delivers what it promises, it is one of the better Bollywood Masala films released this year.

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