Iron Man 3 Poster
Here’s a cool new poster to keep you kicked about catching Iron Man 3

Yes, there is a scene after the credit rolls in Iron Man 3.

For those who are soon going to catch Iron Man 3, don’t be eager to rush back home after the film. Marvel continues its excellent tradition of adding quirky fun scenes after the credit rolls. If you haven’t seen any of these scenes before, then do go back to all the old films from Marvel. Right from Iron Man to the Avengers, these cinematic Easter Eggs are to be found in all the films.
For the eager comic geeks out there, here are a few details. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you.
The scene subtly hints at some of the developments we will see in Avengers 2.
It features one of the most loved characters from Avengers.
And, it’s obviously written by Joss Whedon since it has Joss Whedon written all over it.
The scene’s caustic, full of dry wit and peppered with Joss Whedon’s cheeky trademark banter.
So, stick around after the film ends. Don’t let the theatre security and cleaning staff dissuade you into leaving. Dig in your heels and you shall thank me later.

PS: Do share some of the cinematic Easter Eggs you have discovered and come to love.