People in India make films for different reasons. Many make them purely for the monetary gains. Many also do it for the fame and glamour that is associated with the silver screen. Few find the medium to be a effective tool to make a statement and even fewer use it purely as a form of expression.

But, yesterday, once all my rage and frustration had died down after watching the absolutely terrible Rangrezz, I was left wondering why Priyadarshan is still making films. He doesn’t seem to be a man who does it for the fame and glamour and he certainly is not interested in making a statement or using cinema as a form of expression. Then is it only for the money? If, yes, then with the number of films that he keeps churning out after every few months I don’t think he must be having the time to even count the currency notes in his locker. Maybe he is a workaholic. He feels like home on sets. He can’t think about a day without saying ‘action!’. I thought a lot about it last night and gave up because I realised it is an exercise in futility. It is only Priyadarshan himself who can answer it.

His latest venture Rangrezz is a remake of the Tamil film Naadodigal. For those unfamiliar with Samuthirakani’s hit down South, the plot revolves around three best buddies Rishi (Jackky  Bhagnani), Winu (Amitosh), and Pakkya(Vijay) and how they are ready to take on the world just to reunite Rishi’s school buddy Joy and his lady love. Just when you are getting convinced that the movie is your usual best friend’s forever film, it does surprise you with its climax.

The question I raised earlier becomes even more pertinent with Rangrezz as it must be clear from the plot that this is not your usual Priyadarshan fare. So there was some hope left in me that this would turn out to be a decent outing. But with the royal mess that this film is, it is quite clear that Priyadarshan has no intention of making a good film. He has become a machine that manufactures films on an assembly line. There is no heart involved anywhere and definitely no brain.

Rangrezz is filled with such ridiculous stuff all over that I can’t decide where to start. Jackky ‘faltu’ Bhagnani can’t act. Alright, we already know it and can’t expect a ‘bade baap ka beta’ to actually make an effort to learn the art of acting. But then why make him give long lectures on love, friendship, betrayal and all? That is sureshot suicide, ain’t it? And his poor acting skills become very evident in his scenes with Pankaj Tripathi who’s tiny role was by far the best part about the film. Rajpal Yadav does manage to bring out some laughter. All other actors fail to create any sort of an impression.


It is too much to expect such efforts to have a sense of time and place or even expect a believable portrayal of the social milieu the film belongs to, so I am not even getting there. But, hey, at least show little respect to the organ that rests upon our shoulders! The consistency with which the logic defying scenes come at you, one after another, that the film becomes a source of unintentional hilarity. You have a bank manager handing over huge bundles of cash like a hawala agent, a car with a registered number plate in a showroom that gets you to UP from Mumbai without any trouble of any sort, you have guys getting hit on the head but yet managing to balance themselves and get into a moving car and what all and what not!

Neither do any of the emotional scenes make even tiny bit of an impact. Rather many of them are such ridiculously directed that you can’t help but laugh at them.

Santosh Sivan’s camerawork is probably the only thing that was stopping me from looking away from the screen or even walking out of the theatre. His camerawork solely manages to build tension during the chase scenes but then again the scenes they are filled with such silly and outrageous stuff that all his good work is negated.  For all the technical slickness that the film boasts of there are instances when some of the dialogues are not even in sync!

As I have mentioned earlier the twist in the end did surprise me. Priyadarshan i thought had one last chance to at least make the climax a bearable watch. But, no, he fails quite miserably there too.

I haven’t seen Nadodigal but it is apparent from Rangrezz that the film must be having enough to material to keep you engaged. It is just that the makers of this remake have no purpose of coming up with an earnest effort.

This film makes it very clear that there is no resolve left in Priyadarshan to come up with a good film. Hell, he couldn’t make even decent use of a master like Santosh Sivan. The only way to discourage Priyadarshan from making such films and such cinema in general is by not buying tickets to them.

I urge everybody to avoid going for Rangrezz and discourage such lousy filmmaking. Vashu Bhagnani already owns a ten-floor building. I find no reason that the public should contribute their hard earned money on this awful film and help Bhagnani add another floor to his house.