Pleasure or Joy? The Present State of Telugu Cinema

Note- This is a guest post by noted Telugu writer-director Satish Kasetty on the present state of Telugu Cinema


What is happiness?
Happiness is either pleasure or joy..

Pleasure is a self-centered emotion, A very selfish emotion. Pleasure is an addiction, It is like greed, the want for it keeps increasing. It definitely is fun.

Like all drugs it is very attractive. In Pleasure, you peak very fast and come down also very fast. In Pleasure the dosage has to increase every next time. Which means, the pleasure one gets out of the present pleasure has to be more than the previous one.

Sadly one cannot recollect these pleasure moments afterwards and feel happy. It is like any form of drugs or alcohol, the minute the effect comes down, and you forget everything.

Like all bad things have ill effects; so do these films. The higher the dosage of pleasure in films is increased, there is a danger of ethical and moral values to fall, resulting in the falling/failing standards and qualities of films.

On the other hand Joy is long lasting, A joy moment does not go as high as a pleasure moment., but it stays with you for a longer time, I might dare say it will stay with you life long. One can recollect these Joy moments and fell happy always. You can share them with family and friends too..

Today our Telugu cinema is caught in the web of pleasure; the audience wants pleasure, instead of joy. When one is caught in this pleasure game, then it is very difficult to come out of it. Because it is an addiction and like all addictions it is very hard to get over it.

The result is the heroes, the producers, the directors are going mad to increase the pleasure quotient in films a step more than the previous, they are caught in the web called addiction.

Imagine the makers who are trying so hard to increase the dosage of pleasure to satisfy the audience, every time they make a film.

Added to that, every time a film is about to be released, the media creates a hype by asking will the film be better than the previous one, the audience ask the same. The makers wish the same. And the game goes on. It is called the commercial cinema., they never or seldom touch your heart, they rarely stay with you for long after you leave the theatre. They sure give you pleasure, a high for that moment. Fun too..

Then there are movies, which give you joy moments; these films have long shelf life. One can remember those moments of the film and fell happy even after 20, 30 years later.

Then there are some filmmakers, with very good intentions, pack their film with too many preaching’s of moral and ethics values, and call it good cinema. Which neither gives you joy nor pleasure. To add to it, they blame the audience for their failure.

The people who are after pleasure are sadly never satisfied, but if you go after Joy, you are sure to be happy.

By the way, when pleasure and joy are mixed in right proportions, then it is super happiness..

Be happy, the choice is yours…

Satish Kasetty 

Note- Satish Kasetty is a well known writer and director of Telugu Films. His 1st film Hope has won a National Award and his 2nd film Kalavaramaye Madilo has won multiple awards including 2 Nandi ( State ) Awards.


  1. What a lovely way to put forward your thoughts! This is somewhat true with the present Hindi cinema as well. Though these days there are a few films which try to balance pleasure and joy.


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