When was the last time you experienced something for the first time?

Suddenly developed a high fever…103 degree… Doctor said, ‘rest at home, no travelling’. Obviously, I overruled him. I am not going to miss this experience for anything in the world! And now, I’m in Delhi – weak in health but strong in spirit!

For those who are born on July 1987 or before, I have a question – ‘when was the last time that you experience something for the first time’? I bet, you can count those moments on your finger tips! Yes, by the time we are 25, we have experienced most of what had to be experienced in this life… and, should I dare say, we start the process of getting old. But it is totally up to us whether or not we decide to grow up. And more we keep on experiencing things for the first time, more are the chances that we may not grow up – that easily…

The day has finally arrived. ‘Ekhon nedekha nadir xipare’ (as the River flows, in Hindi) is going to have the first public screening on 29th of July, 2012. Am I nervous? Can’t say really… After all, my parents and friends were always more worried than me about my appearing in exams – right from school to college to university days. And on the day of my marriage, my sister was extremely worried… and had asked my close friend Bhargab to ensure that video camera is well taken care off. Reason for her worry? In the middle of my marriage ceremony, I might just get pre-occupied with the angle of the video camera…

Really can’t say that I’m nervous. Anxious? Yes, definitely. Anxious with the prospect of experiencing my film first time with you – the audience to whom it is meant for. Would definitely hope that you love her… and would be heartbroken if you don’t. Heartbroken…but not shattered. Will try to make a better film next time which can win your heart and soul…

But I do believe, at the end of the film you will agree with me – this is a film straight from the heart. And regardless of what a ‘few individuals’ has to say, Ekhon nedekha nadir xipare is an Assamese film. Will be shattered if there is any question mark still left on these aspects…

After all,

I know
long ago
the River used to speak.

But when he realized
every drops of pain

rises over the horizon of words
he surrendered into silence…

p/s – this is the first feel of the film ‘as the River flows’ (Hindi Version)…not the official promo


  1. Chaya says:

    Am sure its gonna be beautiful….all d best…!!


    1. Bidyut Kotoky says:

       Thanks Chaya! Need it !!


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