Vettai Movie Review: Brothers who bang

Festival season usually leads to celebration time at movies too and as Makar Sankranti falls on 14th of Jan every year, Tamil & Telugu cinema lines up blockbuster releases meant to entertain. But my point of going to this film had nothing to do with celebrations. Infact being a hardcore Indian cricket fan I was looking forward to a break free route amongst the riot in Australia and with no worthy Hindi movies to hang around this weekend, Vettai seemed like an escapist fare to subside the pain.

But after watching the film and taking my spritiual guru Old Monk for guidance, the ghosts of the past came back to haunt me in various ways and channels(pun intended). So here I am once again conveying my thoughts, just to ensure for not being reminded about the horrors of our team and spending this time on more constructive purposes.

  1.  When the movie has been publicised with sub-titles on offer, you need to confirm it doubly in advance before venturing into it. A friend and an author here from MAM took that risk along with one of his unsuspecting friend and later on messaged to say that the movie is fun. The fun could be on both sides but unintentionally as for that matter i am still to hear from him and he seems to be taking a course in Tamil literature after this fiasco.
  2. Vettai which means hunt in English is a misleading title. The hunt is on you; or for that matter the search. We search for good entertainment and this movie delivers that in plenty, but albeit in a manner that we feel it’s forced or taking the Masala genre too stretched for its own good.
  3. Madhavan who was the next big thing about Tamil cinema and who even proved his credentials to a great extent has a mammoth like appearance here. South actors in majority have a physical trait which can be ridiculed but Madhavan takes it to a different level in this movie with his bulging belly. The scenes where he trains with Arya can encourage us to be what we are in real life and a real bad advert for gymming or body building .
  4. Amala Paul has lips which can be best utilised for great pleasure; but her acting talent will give you uncomfortable dreams and it won’t make for a good role play. On a good note she has acted in a Tamil film (Sindhu Samaveli) where she is shown sharing an illicit relationship with her father-in-law. I need the DVD now.
  5. Sameera Reddy is neither good for Hindi cinema, neither fine for advertisements nor a match in regional cinema. Gautham Menon deserves a kick for opening up her avenues in Tamil film industry and Sanjay Gupta should be kicked for relieving her from his clutches.
  6. A story about two brothers, one who gets frightened easily and the other who fights on his behalf seems a good concept and looks decent on paper. But the paper should not be in the hands of a director like Linguswamy.  As Lingu does a PINGU here, but unlike the celebrated British children’s comedy this movie is not comic nor were his earlier attempts at masala fares.  On similar lines Gopi Kishen is the movie that instantly comes in our mind though that was an epic in its own right.
  7. Arya is destined for superstardom and will maintain the right balance between a Bala film and commercial entertainer. The best thing about Vettai and with a pleasing personality, Arya holds the movie with his powerful presence and is a treat to watch. But we can bid an adieu to him if this movie is a blockbuster as I can see where his fate holds future.
  8. Yuvan Shankar Raja is not a patch on his father and knows the exceptional art of giving a thumping background score.  The BGM is the second impressive feature about this film and which elevates the overall mood and scenes to a great extent.
  9. Linguswamy whose repertoire of films include a disastrous Ji, a horrible Bheema, an average Paiyya and a decent RUN(movie) comes to his elements when its action time but the rest of the moments make up for clumsy viewing. The only thing moving in a right direction is thankfully lack of any unwanted comic relief by industry buffoons though there is a small NRI act by an unknown fart and a talent like Nasser in an inconsequential role.
  10. Nirav Shah(cinematographer) gives a polished look to this film and so are the action sequences very raw by Silva, which manage to bring some much needed relief when we link our situation with the Indian cricket team. I was constantly imagining the Oz brigade in place of the henchmen being banged to pulp.
  11. Subhash Chandra Bose is the name of the producer and Ashutosh Rana has been introduced to Tamil cinema. God save us.

People looking out for decent fun in this movie can be rewarded with some cheap thrills and it may turn out to be a rewarding single screen experience too; but be warned in not taking my post critically neither this film as a stern view.

PS: UTV Motion pictures being one of the producers of this venture may lead to Vettai being remade if it meets unprecedented success and it seems at this stage a very high possibilty.

9 thoughts on “Vettai Movie Review: Brothers who bang


    Ajay we are lucky that you dint see the match.Nahi to humko ye comedy article nahi padhne milta.

    On side note,I think now BCCI will give “GPL” to Sehwag,Dravid and Laxman.


  2. Hahahaha….good article.
    The kind of transformation that happens in Maddy after he gets a total 10-15 minutes training and motivation on screen from Arya makes me think all of us should go to Arya for getting a life changing experience. It is high time Madhavan needs to shed those extra pounds before starts looking like a long lost brother of Captain Vijaykanth.
    Amala is hot.Need to download Sindhu Samaveli asap.Arya is star of the show no doubt.
    The film has quite a few LOL moments like when a handicapped Madhavan is struggling to climb the fence to save Arya. And in the climax when Madhavn is waiting patiently on his knees defeated in front of the villain even after Arya’s Arrival.
    Still a good one time watch and a good entertainer. makes me although feel like kicking UTV’s ass for the subtitles fiasco.


  3. Well N.Subhash Chandra Bose the producer is actually Lingusamy brothers & both of them together run Tirupathi Brothers which has produced the film along with UTV. Quite an entertaining take on the film and having seen Vettai I’d say that its a reasonably good entertainer-a typical festival big release.Sadly the songs are a letdown-overall worth a watch.And yes the film is indeed headed for Hindi remake with UTV producing it & Lingusamy himself directing it- so you got what you wanted Ajay 🙂


    • If its really being remade in Hindi, then who will play the role of Arya…Does Bollywood have a next generation of stars who are cut off for such roles apart from Ranbir Kapoor who wont be interested and is in a different league altogether.

      Shahid Kapoor, Zayed Khan, Aftab Shivdasani, Fardeen Khan, Ritiesh Deshmukh…is there any actor who can bring in the crowd???

      Hrithik Roshan falls in between and was probably the only one who could have played it some 5 years back.


      • You don’t necessarily need a young actor in Bollywood, however, after Force, John stands a good chance of being in the Hindi remake.

        If Salman doesn’t take the role first, that is.


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