3 marks the debut of 2 people in the Tamil film industry in a formal manner. Aishwarya Dhanush the eldest daughter of Superstar Rajnikanth and wife of the man in demand Dhanush, turns filmmaker with 3 and the music is composed by a newcomer, Anirudh Ravichander. Starring Dhanush and Shruti Hassan, the film shot into the limelight in mid November with the official unveiling of the single “ Why this Kolaveri Di” which went on to become a smashing phenomenon, not just in South India or India but also Internationally. Hence the music launch of 3 was eagerly being looked forward to by a lot of people including me. With Kolaveri the 21 year old Anirudh had showed that he had a lot of promise. And hence it was interesting to see if the rest of the album lived up to the hype generated by Kolaveri or if it was just a flash in the pan.

Now that the audio release has happened let’s throw some light on the album and look at each of its compositions-

Idhazhin Oram- The Innocence of Love– The album kicks off with this number written by Aisharwya Dhanush (the only track written by her, the rest being written by Dhanush himself) and the lyrics go in flow with the music comfortably. Beginning slightly cautiously the number soon picks up tempo and is sung with remarkable confidence by Ajeesh and he’s supported with back-up vocals by Anirudh and Aishwarya Dhanush. Some interesting use of instruments towards the latter half of the song also works in favour of the composition.

Kannazhaga – The Kiss of Love– There are love ballads floating all around us and yet only some of them manage to make us float along with the ballad. This is one such number sung admirably by Shruti Hassan and Dhanush surprisingly matches her, note by note, word by word. Use of the guitar right at the start is aptly complimented by the vocals that follow. The lyrics by Dhanush would make any romantic sway with the flow and deserve special mention-

Ithazhum ithazhum inaiyatumae,Puthithaai padigal illai
Imaigal muzhgi aruginil vaa,Ethirthu ethuvum illai”

(Let the lips unite, there are no new steps, close your eyes and come closer, there’s nothing opposing you)

Check out the song here-

Come On Girls – The Celebration of Love– Now this one has an interesting use of instruments and some really funny lyrics thrown in. The ‘la la la la’ bit in the interlude works superbly. Vocals by Nadisha Thomas, Maalavika Manoj and Anirudh definitely do justice to this one. This sounds like another dedication to the soup boys by Dhanush 🙂

Nee Paartha Vizhigal – The Touch of Love- Another romantic track, this time with Vijay Yesudas and Shweta Mohan handling the vocals, there’s a slight hangover of Kannazhaga to start with. But the song does slowly establish itself and the lyrics by Dhanush are easy on the ears indeed. Here’s hoping that the picturisation of the song also enables it to stand out against the rest of the tracks, especially Kannazhaga.

A Life Full of Love – Theme Music– Anirudh is in fine form here with this instrumental piece that’s a delight to the ears. It would be interesting to see how the placement of the same works in the film.

The Rhythm of Love – Theme MusicNavin Iyer on the flute more than does justice to the orchestration and this theme music is in sharp contrast to the previous one ( A Life Full of Love ), a very vivacious piece which works quite well too.

Po Nee Po – The Pain of Love– A wonderful song that talks about pain and anguish connected with what else but love is rendered by someone who is slowly making his mark with such songs, Mohit Chauhan. After Rockstar Mohit gets to flex his vocals this time in Tamil here for a song that does more than justice to his range. And check out the magical lyrics by Dhanush-

Thaniyaaga thavikindraen,Thunaivendam anbae po
Pinamaaga nadakindraen,Uyir vendam dhooram po”

(Pining alone, don’t need your company,go my love, walking like a corpse, life- I don’t want you, go away far )

Check out the song here-

Po Nee Po Remix- The Scream of Love– A fast paced, charged up version of Po Nee Po, this one is sung by Sathya Prakash and Harish Swaminathan. Anirudh’s music has enough variations which almost make this sound as a different song by itself.

Theme of 3Mandolin Seenu and company are in super form here as they bring in a complete country western touch to this piece.

Why this Kolaveri Di– What more can one say about a song that has revolutionized regional film music and literally elevated Dhanush and Anirudh on the National platform? That the rest of the album doesn’t let down this iconic track is a fitting enough tribute I guess.

To summarize it’s certainly to be noted that Anirudh Ravichander makes a smashing debut with the music of 3. Touted as a valentine weekend release for 2012, it’s the music of 3 that is really setting the ball rolling for Tamil film music in 2012. Here’s hoping that this is just the beginning for Anirudh and that the film more than does justice to the songs.

Do check out the teaser trailer of the film as well –