7am Arivu Movie Review -Soda without fizz

Note-“Suspension of disbelief,” remember  you would need this a lot while watching this movie.

7am Arivu is A.R.Murgadoss’s homecoming after his foray into Telugu and Hindi Film Industry with Stalin and Ghajini respectively .Here he teams up again with Suriya.

The movie begins in Modern China and moves to 6th century Pallava kingdom where Bodhidharman resides. Legend has it that he was the one who started physical training of Shaolin Monks.In the  first 20 minutes of the movie it is shown how Bodhidharman helps a Chinese Village from recovering from a  deadly viral disease and how he teaches the Chinese martial arts.The story then moves forward to Beijing which suspiciously looks similar to Hong Kong.Out there some Chinese people are discussing something about Operation Red, which has something to do with India, surprisingly all of them speak in English 🙂 .They assign this task to Dong Lee, who can use hypnotism and take control of other person’s mind .

Meanwhile in Chennai Suriya plays a circus artist who for most of the time is never in the circus.He meets Shruti Hassan who comes to his circus and it is love at first sight for Suriya. Circumstances lead them to being friends , Suriya even proposes to Shruti, but then Shruti has some ulterior motives.It is revealed that she was in search of him as his DNA and Bodhidharman’s DNA are matching upto 83.25 %. I did not understand what that meant- in simple filmy words it can be termed as reincarnation.The rest of story is about how Suriya reacts to this and also how Operation Red is connected to Bodhidharman and how Suriya is the only person who can save the World and the girl.

A.R.Murgadoss has given us Ramana, which I feel is one of those Captain ( Vijaykanth ) films which one can sit and enjoy. People who have watched or endured Captain’s so called acting will agree with me.A.R.Murgadoss delivers to an extent here, with an excellent first half, but he meanders in second half, especially the climax fight . Credit must also be given to him to keeping most of the violence happening in this movie, off screen.

Harris Jayaraj I feel is the only music director in this world who copies from his own songs, compared to Tamil version of Ghajini’s soundtrack this is a big letdown.

Cinematography by Ravi K Chandran is one of the biggest highlight of the film.The way he has captured action sequences are worth mentioning and especially the guerilla style of cinematography in streets of Chennai for the intro song is very refreshing.

Action by Peter Hein does not offer nothing new ,considering this has martial art backdrop it is a big let down.

SPB deserves special mention for Yamma Yamma song, when you watch it and listen you realise why SPB is SPB.

Acting wise Shruti Hassan is ok, but i feel she is one of those few person whose beauty is so captivating that, you tend to overlook her acting .

Coming back to film, China and Biological war seems to be toast of film makers across the country, it is surprising that the word China was muted in Azaan, citing foreign relations but  here it is not. I guess censors in Chennai think differently or have different set of rules 🙂 .Some of the scenes are downright unintentionally funny like where Chinese guys speak English among themselves or when Shruti takes objects from Museum according to her whims and fancy, or when she prefers to speak in Tamil during her presentation or towards climax when they work in IIT lab with no one coming there or asking them what are they doing.My personal favourite is the part where the Chinese guy hypnotises half of Chennai and tries to kill Suriya and Shruti, I could not stop laughing.

Suriya is the sole reason you should watch this,fizz without soda. The way he brings the character of Bodhidharman and Arvind the circus guy, he elevates this film from below average to watchable.The way he show pathos in Yamma Yamma song or for that matter the mischievous grin he has  in bus stop scene in second half, he is an actor who is heir to Kamal Hassan in Tamil Cinema.

The movie also stars Suriya’s washboard abs 🙂

It is not a great movie by any standards , but passable fare compared to what is dished out in name of masala in Tamil and Telugu.


  1. Its a complete letdown- Suriya has nothing to do in the film-he just ambles along- there r too many LOL moments in the film ( with the action sequence in the road in the 2nd half ) being the best of all, the climax is downright ridiculous and yes suspension of disbelief is what is needed big time for the movie.


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