Emotion is the complex psycho physiological experience of an individual’s state of mind as interacting with biomechanical(internal) and environmental(external) influences.(Source: Wikipedia)

Tears are the secretion of the glands that clean and lubricate the eyes. Strong emotions, such as sorrow or elation, may lead to an increased production of tears. (Source: Wikipedia)

Human emotions are very tough to analyse and especially when it comes to movies, we are normally at tears for spending our money in watching movies which did not deserve a view or some additional costs involved if it’s a family outing to the nearby multiplex.

This post is not to cover the above mentioned movies, as webspace and characters will be infinite in trying it; but about 10 Lump in Throat (LIT) moments personally, where my glands could not control the pure emotion of some great cinematic moments & performance combined on screen.

May have missed out on a lot for sure, having not seen extensive regional cinema (Bengali, Telugu & Marathi notably) along with some old Hindi classics. There will be personal preferences of other movie fanatics too, which we can discuss on our comments section extensively.

The movies mentioned below are chronologically in order according to their release years so there is no listing nor personal rating.

1. Anand (Hindi: 1971) Dir: Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Rajesh Khanna, the superstar of a bygone era in his truly greatest performance as Anand suffering from a life taking disease is so full of life it puts lesser mortals like us to shame. Exemplary writing (Gulzar) and a take on human relationships, Hrishikesh Mukherjee conveys a heart warming tale of love, life, friendship and loss.

LIT Moment: When Anand is on his deathbed, Dr.Bhasker’s(played marvellously by Amitabh Bachchan) outburst towards him is a moment of unparalleled genius. The tape playing across “Babu Moshai, Babu Moshai, Zindagi aur maut uparwale ke haath hain jahanpanah, Isse na toh aap badal sakte hain ya main, Hum sab un rangmanch ki kathputhliyan hai jinki dor uparwale ki ungli mein bandhi hai, kab kaun kaise uthega yeh koi bhi nahi bata sakta hai” and a theatrical laughter in end will remain long in your minds even after the movie is over.

2. Moondram Pirai(Tamil:1982) Sadma(Hindi:1983)  Dir: Balu Mahendra

The mother of all movies with respect to feeling traumatic, Sadma as the name suggests, is true definition of a film attaining cult status over years. Career best performance by its lead and Ilayaraja’s  stunning score establishes it a classic for all season.

LIT moment: The unforgettable climax at a railway station as Kamal Hassan strives in despair to make Sridevi recollect their moments of togetherness while she was a patient suffering from memory loss is the most devastating emotional scene of Indian cinema with lot of side effects. Stands out as an all time best.

3. Masoom (Hindi: 1983) Dir: Shekhar Kapoor

Long before Jugal Hansraj had his disastrous serious attempts at acting and movie making, he was portrayed as an illegitimate child in this sensitive masterpiece, which will be remembered till eternity for anyone who has seen Masoom. A complex tale about consequences of adultery in a family but conveyed in the most simple, warm and heart touching manner with amazing dramatics by Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi.

LIT Moment: Innumerable scenes whenever Jugal Hansraj is there on frame, so would not point any one and 2 R D Burman-Gulzar songs Tujhse naraaz nahi zindagi & Do naina ek kahani.

4. Nayagan (Tamil: 1987) Dir: Mani Ratnam

Two legends of Indian cinema collaborated on a movie which in the 80’s remained a benchmark for future film makers to attain technical wizardy combined with great storytelling.  Kamal Hassan essaying the lead role as Sakthivelu Nayakar, inspired by life & times of Vardarajan Mudaliar is spellbinding and gives a hypnotic performance at par with world greats.

LIT Moment: When Kamal Hassan is being taken by his ganglord friends to an open corridor because his son is burned to death on a mission, whom he had reluctantly sent, let’s out a roar that is so piercing our glands go on an overdrive mode.

5. Chithram (Malayalam: 1988) Dir: Priyadarshan

Rarely does a film make you laugh your guts out till you cry, but Priyadarshan in his earlier days of brilliance achieved the mighty & how. A landmark in Malayalam and Indian cinema about a woman hiring paid services from a petty thief to be her husband for few weeks, it has Mohanlal making you feel, love, adore and cry on his antics like never before.

LIT Moment: (Spoilers Ahead) Mohanlal is an escaped convict from jail sentenced to death for a murder, so he requests the warden (Soman) if can be let go and a pre climax classical rendition of Swaaminaatha Paripalaya is pure goose bumps even while writing it now.

6. Apoorva Sagodharagal (Tamil: 1989) Appu Raja (Hindi dubbed: 1990) Dir: Singeetam Sreenivasa Rao.

Now everyone must be in speculation as to what this movie is doing here in such a list; being tagged a thorough entertainer. But it has some real strong emotional moments which are legendary; affirming this film a classic revenge tale and a personal favourite of mine.

LIT Moment: Kamal Hassan as dwarf Appu, goes to marriage register’s office thinking that he is the one getting married to Rupini, daughter of circus owner. Unknown that he has been invited as a witness, the look in his eyes and expression while removing a wedding ring makes for heartbreak viewing and also when his mother (Sreevidya) convinces the circus owner that his daughter has married a right candidate who is fit & healthy, unlike her dwarf son. Kamal Hassan achieved godly status for me after this.

7. Aakashadoothu (Malayalam: 1993) Dir: Sibi Malayil

National award winner for best film on family welfare with countless remakes in different languages, most notably being Chimnee Pakhre(Marathi:2005).  It is about a family which consists of an alcoholic father, mother who has leukaemia and four children; as fate plays a cruel game when the father dies in a brawl, leaving the mother to let each kid be adopted for her living days are numbered.

LIT Moment: This movie is a flurry of tears for its final half hour with no melodrama, no over the top acting but just human destiny and its nasty impact. One of the children is paralysed  and on crutches, that makes him remain un-adopted till very end even after their mother dies.

8. Swades (Hindi: 2004) Dir: Ashutosh Gowarikar
Mohan Bhargav in the last decade was a superstar and was at peak of amazing successes, but still his best and true honest performance came for a film which is a commercial failure. In spite of its excruciating length, Swades in many ways instils a lot of pride being an Indian without resorting to jingoism in its own subtle manner.

LIT Moment: When Mohan Bhargav travels back in a train after paying visit to collect rent from a family which can barely meet their ends, he notices a small boy and buys a pot of water for 25 paise, understanding it is not clean and unhygienic; putting an end to his theory of bottled mineral water. Epic moment; Shah Rukh Khan was Mohan Bhargav the character, first time in a career spanning 12 years.

9. Taare Zameen Par (Hindi: 2008) Dir: Aamir Khan

LIT Moment: This entire song which plays right bang on during the film, do I need to say more.

10. Udaan (Hindi: 2010) Dir: Vikramaditya Motwane

From his script being rejected by Sanjay Leela Bhansali to being an official entry to compete in the Un Certain Regard (A Certain Glance) category at 2010 Cannes Film Festival, Udaan has certainly come a long way. Insightful coming of age film about a small town boy with an authoritarian father and a step brother he didn’t know about, the moments and aspirations are so true which a sugar coated 3 Idiots touches on surface.

LIT Moment:  The bonding of both brothers while Rohan (Rajat Barmecha) knows the real reason why his kid step brother (Aayan Boradia) is admitted to hospital, comes across at his abusive scars makes for poignant viewing.

There have been very notable omissions like Kireedam(Malayalam), Mahanadhi(Tamil), Bharatham(Malayalam), Pithamagan(Tamil), Khamoshi-The Musical(Hindi), Shwaas(Marathi) etc. which have been viewed personally but could not make it in my list.

But would love to stay true to my post of shedding some valuable tears for all these madaboutmoviez experience and have no qualms in admitting to say, yes I cried.